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Название: English part forum
Отправлено: PegHorse от Ноября 28, 2011, 05:34:35
I want to tell you that AIMP3 is just great software i ever used since a long times ago.
I use AIMP since a few years ago but unfortunately there is no forum in English language at least...
For better support you need to use English primary, i understand you are Russian but i can't read/write Russian.

I can browse thanks to Google translation which helps a lots but sometimes a pain with Refresh to get again the translation.

Thanks for reading.
Cheers ;)  :-*
Название: Re: Hi
Отправлено: sviperz от Ноября 28, 2011, 09:53:54
Thank you! Do you know about this forum part -
Название: Re: Hi
Отправлено: PegHorse от Ноября 30, 2011, 01:31:30
I do but some part of the forum is still in Russian, it's annoying.
Also there is not much discussion than anywhere else.

Like somebody else already told you here :

For someone which is new here its confusing.
You should put English in primary language :)
Название: Re: English part forum
Отправлено: sviperz от Ноября 30, 2011, 11:31:08
Trust to me, it would be nice to do so, but who will be support that English forum if we have literally couple of guys who is able to answer without dictionary? Even now I'm do my best to apply my honest English knowledge trying keep this post understandable for you and still have no idea if I reach my point. So, the only opportunity for English forum to grow up and progress is you - our English-speaking users, expanding your community by doing something among the people who understand each other pretty well. Thank you!
Название: Re: English part forum
Отправлено: Mondriaan от Июля 25, 2022, 16:03:09
If you try to communicate with the non-english users about this unreadablity you get a especially big mouth and they try to p*** you off (and they seem to know English for sure)
Название: Re: English part forum
Отправлено: Artem от Июля 25, 2022, 20:40:16
You've answered to post 10 years old. Since this time, we have made few steps to be a closer to English-speaking community.