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Title: [FULL] Dark Luxury
Post by: FKF on July 06, 2011, 19:24:19
Name: Dark Luxury
Version: 1.06

Hello to everyone,i tried to fix all the issues you told me in my old project and i implemented them in this brant new project. I hope you like it guys  :)

PS Reply in English if you can, if not i will use automatic translation, although its messy and ill try to reply back. Enjoy! :D

(http://img718.[color=#ff11ff]imageshack СПАМ[/color].us/img718/6987/preview2r.png)

Changelog dark luxury

-Fixed Transparency of top Buttons
-Fixed TCTRL buttons icon alignment

-Improved skin-TCTRL layout
-fixed some transparency issues
-added volume slider
-changed OSD buttons
-changed EQ sliders
-changed Bottom panel buttons

-Several Layout Improvements
Title: Re: [FULL] Dark Luxury
Post by: Kr1eger on July 06, 2011, 19:31:20
Add the Version of the Skin in options and make changes in the topik please