AIMP for Android v3.30

In v3.30, as it was planned, we have focused on app usability in Car PC. We haven’t forgotten about Android Audio, nor custom Car PCs based on Android OS.

Android Auto

In playback control pane, we have added two new buttons: “previous group” / “next group”:

If current playlist has no groups, the buttons will switch playback to previous / next playlist.

Enhanced menu

In app menu, right above the playlist list, we have added two new commands: “resume” and “folders”:

The “resume” command allows you to resume playback from position where you’ve stopped. This command will be useful if you have switched off the “restore player state on start up” option.

The “folders” command provides an access to device’s file system*, and allows to you to create new playlist from specified folder without leaving the Android Auto app:

* Only folders that you’ve grant access for the app.

Audio files from the selected folder will be added to the “Default” playlist, and the playlist will start playback immediately.

Custom Car PC

Behavior changes

For better experience on Car PCs, we recommends to switch app interface layout to Car PC mode (refer to app settings \ interface \ layout). In this case, the app will adapt UI and behavior of several functions:

  1. All settings will be saved to the disk each 20 seconds (not on app termination).
    When the car’s ignition is turned off, power is lost, and neither the OS nor the player has no ability to save something.
  2. Playing track kept always in visible area of playlist.
  3. Player will pause the playback if car pc’s screen is switched off.
    Analysing your logs, we found that some devices switches off the screen (instead of power), when user click the hardware power button.

New UI

Based on your feedback, we have completely re-design UI for Car PCs. We’ve used two-slots 7″ Car PC as base device for new UI (these models are most popular car pc devices on Android OS).

The app’s UI has again been splitted into two screens: main screen and playlist:

car pc - main screen

Thanks to this, it became possible to place several new buttons on the main screen for frequently used commands that were previously hidden in the menu:

  • Playback speed control button
  • The “remove playing file physically” button
  • The “rewind” and “fast forward” buttons
  • The “previous group” / “next group” buttons
    If current playlist has no groups, the button will switch playlists
  • The “jump to playlist screen” button
    According to the feedback, many users prefer buttons to gestures while driving

Next to the artist information, app displays a folder name that contains a playing file.

Thanks to new UI layout, playlist screen now has more space for it items:

car pc - playlist screen

As it was implemented in main screen, general buttons are placed on left side (near to driver). The items and context menu buttons has right offset to reduce number of scrollbar false positives while access them.



In this release, we have introduced XSPF playlist file format support. Similar to AIMP for Windows, the XSPF file format became a default playlist format, replacing the AIMPBPL format. Playlists in old format still can be imported, but cannot be exported to.

This is first step to implement synchronization between mobile and PC’s versions of AIMP.

New smart-playlist type

Additionally, we have introduced new type of smart-playlists: playlist-based. This type of playlists will be useful if source playlist is placed on remote server and updates too often. Before v3.30, in this case, you had to download and re-import the playlist after each update. Now, just use the “swipe-to-refresh” gesture to synchronize playlist’s content.

Use the “import playlist from URL” command, to create smart-playlist based on another playlist. Note URL may refers to remote playlists (http, https) or local (file, content).


We have adapted the app for Android 13 that is already in beta-testing stage.

We have added an ability close background service automatically on app idle (can be switched on in app settings).

We have implemented an integration to quick settings menu.

Also, new version bring with experimental support for cloud storages based on WebDAV protocol (Yandex.Disk, and etc) with basic authorization (using login and password).

* * *

We planning to start public beta testing at beginning of August 22.

17 thoughts on “AIMP for Android v3.30

  1. Player user

    Отлично! Спасибо, Артём и команда за то, что делаете!
    Хочу ещё спросить немного не по теме: возможно ли сделать расширенный поиск в мобильной версии? Очень не хватает, когда необходимо найти определённый трек из моря плейлистов.

  2. zcat8696

    Excuse me. I can’t use Google Play to download this application(AIMP for Android v3.30), because I am in China now. Could you tell me where I can download this application? Thank you are much.

    抱歉打扰了,我无法使用Google play下载这个应用程序(AIMP for Android v3.30),因为我目前在中国。请问您可以告诉我哪里可以下载这个应用程序吗?非常感谢!

      1. Ded Ugar

        Выражаю огромную благодарность за проделанную работу, но в версии v3.30.1235 в меню плейлиста отсутствует кнопка добавить, телефон honor 8pro, приношу извинения, если написал не в тему.

  3. WitekS

    It doesn’t show me the buton The “remove playing file physically” buton. I can’t find anything in the settings to enable or disable this button. What can I do to make the button appear?
    Of course, this is the view for CarPC.

  4. marki

    Two days ago I had my default playlist on shuffle and it played an MP3 (“You and Me”). The song ended about 20 seconds before the end of the time bar on my display. Then the next song “Thorn In My Side”) played slower (and therefore at a lower pitch) than usual. I restarted AIMP and the song “Thorn In My Side” continued playing in the correct speed and pitch.

    I have the original MP3 “You and Me” and two sound recordings of “Thorn in my Side” (the slow one and the correct speed one). Would you like these 3 files? If so, where can I send them?

    v3.30.1241 (21.12.2022)

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