AIMP for Android v3.20

Here is a time to real announce the new mobile AIMP version.


The main news is that Android 5 (Lollipop) is the minimum supported OS version for AIMP v3.20.

Updated UI

According to multiple user requests, we simplified the access to the following elements:

  • “Equalizer” and “Sleep Timer” screens
  • “Add Bookmark” and “Add to Favorites” functions

Now the Charm skin looks like this:


In this version, we have enhanced the search inside a playlist. Now the entry field is arranged at the playlist’s screen and search is performed as you type your text:

Note that AIMP uses the same search mechanism as in previous versions for skins that are not adapted to v3.20.

Playback speed

We have considered your remarks about the speed regulator at the main screen and also modified UI. Firstly, we have moved the speed switch button to left side of main screen to reduce the number of false activations when you switch between screens using gestures. Secondly, the playback speed is not changed now without any notifications. A tap on the playback speed button now invokes the bottom modal dialog:

Sleep Timer

Now the timer is arranged at the bottom modal dialog instead of a separate window:

The dialog appearance is changed if the timer has enabled already:

To close the dialog without any changes, you can swipe it down or tap on the shadowed area.

This change simplifies interaction with the timer and speeds up access to it.


We have reduced number of equalizer bands to nineteen. We realize this change can upset someone, but this was necessary to provide the same set of adjustable bands as in AIMP5.

Also we changed the equalizer appearance:

Now frequency values are displayed at the left of the graph and the frequency amplification values are at the right. Tap on an amplification value label to open the dialog that allows you to input a custom value:


In v3.20, the skin engine has undergone multiple changes, however, there is one major feature that will be interesting for everyone – skin color adaptation according to album art colors.

The new skin engine supports two skin theming modes:

  • Classic – Skin changes its shade entirely
  • Modern – Only two base colors are changed. These colors are applied to all elements whose colors depend on them.

Let’s consider how these mechanisms work:


As you can see, only colored elements change their colors.


Note that in this mode, all elements change their colors.

A designer can define a theming mode at the skin level. Refer to the AIMP for Android Skin Editor v3.20 manual for more details.


This time, we paid special attention to the desktop widgets that have been using the AIMP2 style until now. Now they are implemented in the Charm-skin-inspired style. Also, we have adapted the graphics for modern screens and updated layouts for certain sizes:


Unlike the previous versions, the player registers a single widget in the system – 4×1. You can change the widget size to access the rest widgets. The configuration wizard will show the corresponding warning:

These are not all changes that affect widgets. v3.20 allows you to hide the album cover display. Note that certain widget layouts do not support this feature.

Bonus Skins


The Pandemic skin has been removed, now it just one of themes of the Bliss 2021 skin.

Bliss 2021

Bliss 2021 is an enhanced version of the Bliss skin that includes the high-resolution graphics and supports all the new features implemented since v3.0:

Skin has three kind of themes: light, dark and black. Additionally the themes has been extended by Pandemic-like themes:

Thanks to ZeoN7 for the skin update!


The new bonus skin designed especially for v3.20:

Supported themes:

Thanks to AJ for the exclusive!


The new bonus skin designed especially for v3.20:

Supported themes:

Thanks to ZeoN7 for the exclusive!



Now AIMP supports the Samba protocol using the libsmb2 library. Migration to this library allowed us to increase the application stability and performance when working with Samba, and reduce the app size.


Now you can share multiple files simultaneously.

Sound Engine

In this version, we added the following:

  • Fading effect on playback resumption.
  • An ability to adjust size of temporal buffer for internet radio. This option solves radio playback issues when unstable Internet connection.

Car PC

We have added the “keep device screen on” option, especially for custom car pc. Note that the player window should be active on the screen.


Public beta testing is planned for the end of April.

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