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AIMP for Android v2.90

We glad to present to you a new mobile version – AIMP for Android v2.90.

Sound Engine

In this update, we have enhanced built-in resampler: now you can choose the optimial quality / speed ratio for your device, it will allow you to get rid from small sound scratches during playback and save the phone’s energy.

The 5 quality presets are available for you choice in an app settings: Fastest / Fast / Normal / High / Highest.

Starting from v2.90 default resampler’s preset is High, not a Normal like in previous version.

Peak Volume Normalization
In additional to volume normalization via replay gain we have introduced peak-based normalization. Like in version for Windows, the normalization has highest priority.

Tracker Music
Special playback settings for the tracker music are now available in mobile version too.

We have introduced an ability to use different custom presets for playback via headset / phone speaker. Now player will automatically switches between these presets when you plug-in / plug-out the headset. This ability does not depended from the “auto” mode of equalizer.


Album Arts
We have enhanced album art settings by adding the “Find in Internet on Wi-Fi only” option. You will no longer have to abandon of this feature just because it spends precious megabytes of the mobile Internet.

Headset Control
Two new options has been added to control the playback via headset or hardware volume buttons:

  • Pause playback when volume become zero
  • Start playing when volume become non-zero

Shuffle Playback Mode
In this version, we have introduced an ability to switch on / off the shuffle mode for each playlist separately. If you like this behavior you should switch on option with same name in app settings.

Files Adding

Behavior Settings
The “import from external apps” options set that has been introduced in previous release, has been enhanced by the “import entire folder if one file is sent” option. This option will be useful for car pc users.

“Import from external apps”
Probably, you have repeatedly encountered the case when you click on audio file in a third-party application to play it, but player does not play anything. Usually, in these cases third-part application sends to the player special URL instead of real file path. So, player cannot find the file and does not play anything.

In v2.90, we have solve this issue: first, we have improved our algorithm that converts the special URLs to real file paths – it now successfully converts links from most popular applications. Secondly, if player cannot resolve a real file path it will use the URL to “download” the file to external cache directory and will play the file from it.

File Adding Dialog
Special attention was paid to file adding dialog: now the dialog will suggest you to display hidden files and folders if current folder contains it. We hope that this feature will simplify the find music on your device operation and reduce number of support tickets.


We have added the “auto-merge similar groups” option like PC version have.

Each release we are working on app stability and performance. In v2.90, we have:

  • replaced the JAudioTagger library by our code that has been ported from PC version. This led to improve tags reading performance up to 200% and save binary size to 18%.
  • improved playlist actions performance. Generally, performance has been increased up to 80%.


In this release, we have enhanced lyrics support: now player supports for live-lyrics and lyrics that embedded to CUE sheets or located in separate file placed near audio file. Following lyrics formats are now supported:

We have extended potential abilities of our skin engine to make possible to display lyrics or live-lyrics on app’s main screen in custom themes.

Built-in theme does not use these features for now, but we are planning to support these in next major release.

* * *

Public beta-testing is already started, you can join this now at this page.

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AIMP4: Skin Engine – оптимизации

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