AIMP for Android v3.10 has been released!

Artem | 2020-12-25 07:24:23 | Views: 12464224

First, we want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the survey on further development of mobile version of the player. So soon, we will publish the results along with roadmap for 2021 in our blog.

Next, we glad to present to you release of new version of AIMP for Android - v3.10:

Whats new?
  • Bookmarks: added search support
  • Bookmarks: an ability to create auto-bookmarks for files
  • Bookmarks: an ability to edit bookmark's time
  • Bookmarks: new auto-catch behavior for files and playlists
  • Bookmarks: now all bookmarks grouped by a track
  • General: action list for gestures has been extended with few new commands
  • General: an ability to jump to next track by shake the phone (optional)
  • General: appearance of settings dialog has been improved
  • General: integration with Android Auto has been enhanced
  • General: night mode - an ability to specify night time manually
  • General: night mode - support for system settings for night mode
  • General: performance has been improved
  • General: support for external file providers
  • General: support for otg-drives
  • Player: album art file size limitation has been removed
  • Player: images from the "downloads" will not be taken as album arts anymore
  • Playlist: an ability to copy / move selected files to specified folder
  • Playlist: an ability to specify default sorting and grouping templates
  • Playlist: an ability to suspend user queue
  • Playlist: support for the PLS file format
  • UI: usability of graph-based equalizer has been improved

More details you can find in announcement article in our blog.


New version is already available in our download center.

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