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AIMP v5.00.2317 Beta 2 (13.07.2021)

Default skin: an ability to hide music library and playlist panes

Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended

Fixed: general - inverted scrolling of the list during drag-n-drop operations

Fixed other minor issues

AIMP v5.00.2315 Beta (29.06.2021)

Common: localizations has been updated

Common: BASS libraries has been updated

Player: the "Exit" command has been added to command list of tray icon

Fixed: player - import files from external apps settings are ignored if files has been drop to main window

Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - app does not save values of the AlbumArtist / DiskTotal / TrackTotal tag fields (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - transparency mask ignores on import the skins in ACS3 / ACS2 file formats (regression)

Fixed: plugins - visualizations - peak-based visualizations does not work (regression)

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - access token was not updated automatically during long playlist playback

Fixed: plugins - SACD - the replay gain information is ignored

Fixed other minor issues

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