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Common change log

Android Auto: an ability to quickly create playlist based on file system folder

Android Auto: next/previous group buttons has been added

File Manager: support for cloud storages based on WebDAV protocol (experimental)

File Manager: cloud storages - added an ability to connect via non-secure http protocol

File manager: an ability to create new folder

General: an ability to close app background service on idle

General: migration to API 33 (Android 13)

General: support for Android 13

General: support for Murglar and another content-providers

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: appearance of settings dialog has been improved

General: compatibility with Android 13 has been improved

General: localizations has been updated

General: performance has been improved

General: reduced memory consumption

Playlist: XSPF format became the default playlist format

Playlist: support for smart-playlists based on remote playlists

Playlist: support for the XSPF file format

Playlist: the "find missing files" function has been added

Playlist: new files now adds to end of playlist during synchronization if it items has been manually reordered

Playlist: relative file paths resolving has been improved

Skin Engine: an ability to create buttons for pages of paginated containers

Skin Engine: an ability to use expressions inside PlaceInfo's element

Sound engine: stability for running in background has been improved

UI: new app design for CarPC

UI: support for split-screen mode in CarPC

Fixed: Equalizer - presets start to be lost if it number in the library becomes more than 128

Fixed: file manager - DocumentFileSystem - the OGG / OPUS files are out from the list (regression)

Fixed: file manager - Windows Shared Folders - folder who name starts from dot does not recognized as hidden

Fixed: file manager - leak of native handles (regression)

Fixed: general - unable to play files in FLAC format from the Viber / Whats App applications

Fixed: headset - app reacts on headset action with long delay if device is in sleeping mode

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: player - album art of previous track displays instead of empty or new one if internet search takes too long

Fixed: player - app hangs up in certain cases on startup (regression 3.30)

Fixed: player - playback stops on last file in playlist if it does not exists physically even if playlist repeat is on

Fixed: player - the "restore state" option does not work (regression)

Fixed: playlist - XSPF - URL-encoded paths cannot be resolved if app running on android below v11

Fixed: playlist - XSPF - skips the files split using CUE

Fixed: playlist - all missing tracks are removing from playlist on attempt to play one of them (regression)

Fixed: playlist - changing the sort template leads to switching to playing playlist (regression)

Fixed: playlist - does not scroll to playing track in car pc mode if the UI is split into two screens

Fixed: playlist - summary information is not updated if the scanning process was interrupted

Fixed: playlist - taping on track in a playlist causes the playlist to scroll if tablet or car pc layout is used

Fixed: playlist - the swipe-to-refresh gesture adds missing CUE tracks to playlist even if content synchronization is disabled

Fixed: sound engine - additional codecs failed to initialize when running on Android 5 and 6 (regression)

Fixed: sound engine - stuttering in background on MIUI 13

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - player ignores tag field values that placed after chapters tag fields

Fixed: tags - album art from folders is not loaded if the "load album arts from tags" options is disabled (regression)

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