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Common change log

Android Auto: the "resume playback" command has been added to head of each playlist

Equalizer: an ability to enter band gain value via numeric dialog

Equalizer: an ability to rename active preset (just click on it name)

Equalizer: now presets sorts automatically by their names

Equalizer: set and number of bands now are equals to set in AIMP for Windows

File manager: now filesystem cache flushes automatically on invoke the dialog

General: the "keep screen on" option has been added

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: Android v5.0 is now minimal supported operation system version

General: Scoped Storage notification - added link to step-by-step instruction

General: compatibility with external file management apps has been improved

General: compatibility with external storages has been improved

General: compatibility with the Android 12 has been improved

General: event and command dispatcher has been redesigned

General: localizations has been updated

General: migration to API 30 (Android 11)

General: migration to API 31 (Android 12)

General: performance has been improved

General: support for the smb:// protocol is now based on the libsmb2 instead of jCIFS NG

Headset: added new option that defines how commands from the "" package will be handled

Headset: the "jump to file beginning on single previous button click" option now ignores for headset commands

Player: internet-radio - an ability to customize buffer size

Player: the "track repeat" option now takes precedence over the "jump to next track" option

Playlist: an ability to share multiple files at once

Playlist: search usability has been improved

Playlist: added indication of state of background threads

Playlist: removing non-existent entires via swipe-to-refresh gesture has been disabled for the "favorites" playlist

Skin Engine: potential abilities are extended

Sound Engine: the "prevent device from sleeping" option has been added to prevent from clicks when device suspends/resumes output

UI: an ability to auto-adjust theme accent to album art colors

UI: sleep timer now displays in bottom sheet dialog of main screen

UI: the Bliss skin has been updated (thanks to ZeoN7)

UI: the Enhance skin has been added (thanks to ZeoN7)

UI: the Pandemic skin has been merged with the Bliss skin and can be selected as separate theme

UI: the Panini skin has been added (thanks to AJ)

UI: usability has been improved

UI: visual appearance of widgets has been updated

UI: added the "OK" button that allows to close the Settings dialog from any tab

UI: playlist now follows the playing track when user switches tracks

UI: speed control now has a preview feature

Fixed: Android 11 - filesystem entries are not sorted by it's name as it was in older Android versions

Fixed: Player - app crashes on switching between internet radio stations if playback speed is different from 100%

Fixed: Player - average bitrate calculates incorrectly for files in WebM format that downloaded from YouTube

Fixed: file manager - files in mp2/mp1 format are not listed

Fixed: file manager - list displays empty on first open (regression)

Fixed: file manager - the app hangs and does not react on commands on attempt to select a folder that contains a lot of files or sub-folders (Android 11)

Fixed: general - app crashes on attempt to read binary data from APEv2 tag in some cases

Fixed: general - app crashes on attempt to sort playlist if app is running on Android 5 / 6 (regression)

Fixed: general - app does not receive notifications about mount/unmount USB-devices on Android 11/12

Fixed: general - app switches few tags at once by shaking feature if shake is too strong

Fixed: general - connection to samba server is not closed after reading companion file for audio (CUE / LRC / SRT)

Fixed: general - connection to samba server that run on Windows 10 interrupts after 5-10 seconds (regression)

Fixed: general - language cannot be changed in app (regression)

Fixed: general - no way to transfer the settings from new build to old build even if app has same version

Fixed: general - playlist export via standard file access api always failed if SAF is unavailable (v3.20 regression)

Fixed: general - system gestures conflicts with gestures for navigation thought app screens (Android 10+)

Fixed: general - the app hibernates and stops responding to commands while the user is talking on the phone (regression)

Fixed: general - unable to connect to smb-server if non-default port is used

Fixed: general - unable to open files from the recents list

Fixed: general - unable to play files via smb protocol, if file path contains a @ character

Fixed: general - unable to play files via smb protocol, if file path length is more than 128 characters

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: player - album art search in Internet fails for internet radio stations

Fixed: player - album art search in Internet fails in some cases

Fixed: player - does not resume internet-radio playback after incoming/outcoming call

Fixed: player - playback will not start from desktop widget if service is not running (regression)

Fixed: playlist - bookmark lost when quickly switching playback between playlists

Fixed: playlist - information about the track that refers to CUE get corrupted after playback (regression)

Fixed: playlist - the "allow fast scrolling" option cannot be switched off

Fixed: skin engine - album arts are scaled without anti-aliasing (regression)

Fixed: sound engine - poor sound quality on Realme devices based on Android 11 because default output method is AAudio

Fixed: tags - MP4 / M4A - track number and genre tag fields reads incorrectly in some cases from file tags

Fixed: widget in notification area - not responding to system theme change

Fixed: widget in notification area - the "System (Legacy)" kind is unavailable in Android 8/9

Fixed: widgets - background texture blends with white if it color is semitransparent (regression)

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