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AIMP for Android v3.20 Beta 3, build 1137 (10.07.2021)

Fixed: general - app crashes on attempt to sort playlist if app is running on Android 5 / 6 (regression)

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

AIMP for Android v3.20 Beta 2, build 1135 (29.06.2021)

General: performance has been improved

AIMP for Android v3.20 Beta 2, build 1131 (04.06.2021)

General: migration to API 30 (Android 11)

AIMP for Android v3.20 Beta, build 1121 (17.04.2021)

General: the "keep screen on" option has been added

Player: internet-radio - an ability to customize buffer size

Playlist: an ability to share multiple files at once

Playlist: search usability has been improved

UI: usability has been improved

UI: an ability to auto-adjust theme accent to album art colors

UI: visual appearance of widgets has been updated

UI: the Bliss skin has been updated (thanks to ZeoN7)

UI: the Enhance skin has been added (thanks to ZeoN7)

UI: the Panini skin has been added (thanks to AJ)

UI: the Pandemic skin has been merged with the Bliss skin and can be selected as separate theme

UI: sleep timer now displays in bottom sheet dialog of main screen

General: Android v5.0 is now minimal supported operation system version

General: support for the smb:// protocol is now based on the libsmb2 instead of jCIFS NG

Equalizer: an ability to enter band gain value via numeric dialog

Equalizer: set and number of bands now are equals to set in AIMP for Windows

Skin Engine: potential abilities are extended

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