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Common change log

Core: ability to read ID3v1/2/APE tags for WavPack-format files

Music library: adding files speeded up at 50 percents

Music library: grouping by albums set as default "CardsView" mode for "show all files"

Player: ability to save playlist with ansi-encoding

Player: bosnian and croatian languages was added

Fixed: autoplayback of playlist was not started after opening files if shuffle mode was active

Fixed: bug with renaming files by template with illegal characters

Fixed: cache of files marks flushes during settings change

Fixed: could not added to the playlist files with *.fla extention

Fixed: crash of program sometimes when listening internet-radio

Fixed: crash of shuffle-manager sometimes through switch between different playlists

Fixed: don't work 32-bits sound processing option in b320

Fixed: don't work tempo and pitch sound effects in b320

Fixed: files with non-printing characters in the tag fields were not added to audio library

Fixed: if program process was killed, it doesn't start untill reboot

Fixed: incorrect duration for some WAV-files

Fixed: incorrect encoding of russian text which loaded from CDDB

Fixed: incorrect work of "randomize files at playlist" function

Fixed: playlist don't synchronize with list of audio library

Fixed: playlist playback was not started during playlist's navigation by hot keys, if the first track was "switched off"

Fixed: some minor issues

Fixed: sometimes changes did't saved in audio library

Fixed: there were no statistics for files with duration less than 15 seconds in audio library

Fixed: wrong duration for *.wv files in some times

Fixed: wrong updating file information when CUE-sheets playing

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