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Common change log

Advanced search: added the "send to..." menu item

DSP Manager: ability to enter effects values using keyboard

General: ability to reset settings to it defaults

General: app can run again on Windows Vista and Windows XP

General: reduced size of the runtime library

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: improve compatibility with Linux (Wine)

General: localizations has been updated

General: the WavPack codec has been updated to v5.5.0

Music library: grouping tree presets with auto-generated names now supports for localization

Options dialog: thumbnails view in skins chooser frame

Player: added recent files list to context menu of app taskbar button

Player: aero peek - added information about previous / next track to navigation buttons hints

Player: hotkey for the "bring main window to top" command has been added

Player: hotkeys for the "previous bookmark" / "next bookmark" commands has been added

Playlist: added few new options for import single file from external applications

Playlist: added few new randomize modes

Playlist: focusing playing track in playlist became optional

Playlist: list of templates for playlist grouping

Playlist: recents strings for quick search box

Playlist: new files now adds to end of playlist during synchronization if it items has been manually reordered

Plugins: SACD - support for DSD in WavPack

Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service

Plugins: WebLyrics - now can be used as album arts provider

Plugins: WebLyrics - rules syntax has been extended

Plugins: podcasts - ability to "create smart-playlist" from grouping tree

Sound Engine: support for WavPack's correction files (WVC)

Sound engine: added support for system decoders (optional)

Sound engine: support for MDZ, ITZ, S3Z and XMZ file formats

Sound engine: restart ASIO-driver on error without restart the app

Sound engine: unloading of unused ASIO drivers without app restart

Tag Editor: added list of recently used in-place expressions

Tag Editor: in-place expressions are now enabled by default

Tags: encoding detection algorithm has been improved

UI: ability to pin window position on screen (protection against accidental movement by user)

Fixed: audio converter - dithering is always applied (regression)

Fixed: minor bugs and defects

Fixed: music library - grouping templates names are missing on first start (5.10 regression)

Fixed: music library - rating cannot be stored to tag of playing file (regression)

Fixed: music library - view point position resets on rebuild the grouping tree

Fixed: player - *.iso.wv cannot be played anymore (regression 5.03)

Fixed: player - does not catch the CUE files from .iso.wv images

Fixed: player - querying information about next track in end of shuffled playback queue, ignoring playback settings and start playback of the playlist from beginning

Fixed: playlist - hangs in "loading" stage after renaming the file in tag editor (regression 5.10)

Fixed: playlist - queue does not save references to playlists (regression 5.10)

Fixed: playlist - queue does not save references to playlists whose name contains a "=" character

Fixed: playlist - the "merge similar groups automatically" conflicts with tag editor in batch mode

Fixed: playlist - the "move to" command invoke the "copy to" dialog (regression 5.10)

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - CUE is skipped if it refers to file with same name, but different extension

Fixed: plugins - WebLyrics - collision in cache lead to interrupt concurrent request

Fixed: plugins - WebLyrics - crash on attempt to fetch album art for radio stream

Fixed: plugins - information bar - does not hide on time out in certain cases (regression)

Fixed: plugins - podcasts - no podcast-related commands in context menu of grouping tree

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - action hangs in the "running" state if user broke automatic-created playback queue

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - event with the "repeated throughout day" option executes the actions 5 times at once (regression 5.10)

Fixed: skin engine - an error occurs on attempt to draw text in null-size area (regression)

Fixed: sound engine - an error occurs on attempt to play file with more than 8 channels

Fixed: sound engine - the "cannot allocate memory" error occurs on attempt to open certain internet streams

Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - shorten version of JPEG MIME-type is used instead of full

Fixed: tag editor - OPUS - replay gain information stores to file header incorrectly if album or track gain information is missing

Fixed: tag editor - online search - discogs - does not display search results if the entry does not have the "notes" field

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