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Common change log

Audio Converter: cache for I/O operations

General: ability to search by app settings

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: localizations has been updated

General: migration to new version of VCL

Player: album arts cache system has been redesigned

Player: the "track repeat" option now takes precedence over the "jump to next track" option

Plugins: API has been extended

Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of DropBox service

Plugins: scheduler - start playback action - added the "start from beginning" option

Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved

Fixed: default skin - the "clear search box" button does not work in grouping tree pane

Fixed: general - last selected path is not saved for some file dialogs

Fixed: general - unable to install plugin package if one of files in package has invalid encoding

Fixed: playlist manager - playlists are displayed in different order from real one

Fixed: plugins - GUI API - font and margins scaling works incorrectly in certain cases

Fixed: plugins - discogs - no way to authorize from countries that has UTC offset more that 3 hours

Fixed: plugins - information bar - unable to show the bar via hot key if all "show XXX" options are switched off

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - countdown timer shows incorrect data if more than a day is left

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the date and time of the event repetition calculates incorrectly in certain cases if the event was triggered at the moment the PC was woken up

Fixed: queue manager - double click on item does not activate playlist that contains the item

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues were fixed

Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - an attempt to initialize inaccessible device lead app to crash

Fixed: tag editor - MP4 - an AV error occurs on attempt to save tags to a file that does not have the UDTA-atom

Fixed: tag editor - MP4 - re-save the tags may lead to file corruption if the file contains chapters in utf-8 encoding

Fixed: tag editor - WMA - re-save the tags lead duplicate the WM/GenreID tag field

Fixed: tag editor - the "duplicates not allowed" error occurs on attempt to reorder table groups

New Addons