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Common change log

Audio Converter: the "file folder" command has been added

Audio converter: ability to normalize volume level during conversion process

Audio converter: added support for WMA Pro codec

Audio converter: sound notification on end of conversion has been added (optional)

Audio converter: the "target file name" column has been added

Bookmarks: ability to filter / group bookmarks by name, creation date, source, duration, file size

Bookmarks: ability to ignore bookmark position on start the playback

Bookmarks: now its a part of music library

Bookmarks: support for custom labels and comments

Bookmarks: support for multiple bookmarks editing

Bookmarks: the "Find in source" command has been added

Bookmarks: list of bookmarks for playing track has been added to seek bar context menu

Common: BASS libraries has been updated

Common: localizations has been updated

Default skin: ability to hide music library and playlist panes

Default skin: ability to switch off accent color for window frame

General: album arts - added the "find in file tags" option

General: lyrics - added the "find in file tags" option

General: new design

General: performance has been increased

General: support for Windows 11

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: localizations has been updated

General: performance has been increased

General: support for horizontal scrolling via touch pad

Music library: the "Find in music library" command now supports plugin-based data sources

Player: the "Exit" command has been added to command list of tray icon

Playlist: added an ability to sort playlist automatically after adding new files / updating metadata

Playlist: added the "Each playlist has its own playback mode (normal / shuffle)" option

Playlist: the "find missed files" function has been added

Playlist: ability to specify name depth as argument for the %FileDir and %FileParentDir macros

Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service

Plugins: - has been replaced by the Scrobbler plugin

Plugins: scheduler - ability to repeat task every day / week / month / year

Plugins: scheduler - ability to repeat task throughout day

Plugins: scheduler - ability to wait to playing file to finish

Plugins: scheduler - new action: jump to next track

Plugins: scheduler - new action: resume the playback

Plugins: scheduler - new action: return to previous state after playing specified number of tracks / playlist

Plugins: scheduler - new action: start / stop radio recording

Plugins: scheduler - new action: suspend the playback

Plugins: scheduler - support for unlimited number of tasks

Plugins: scrobbler - ability to display information about artist

Plugins: scrobbler - integration to default skin

Plugins: scrobbler - support for and services

Plugins: BASS_MIDI - now an error will occurs on attempt to play midi file if no one sound font is loaded

Plugins: - reduced number of requests to the service

Plugins: podcasts - album arts are now displaying in music library

Plugins: podcasts - the "audio format" column has been added

Skin Engine: support for opentype fonts

Skin engine: performance has been improved

Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended

Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved

Skin engine: performance has been improved

Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended

Smart-playlists: general - additional conditions for date-time fields

Smart-playlists: music library - ability to pre-sort content using few columns

Sound engine: ability to remap channels for 5.0 and 7.0 channel schemes

Sound engine: equalizer now contains 20 bands - the 43 Hz and 22 kHz bands has been added

Tag Editor: UI - tag fields now are auto-adjusts their width according available space automatically

Tag Editor: added an ability to view values from unsupported tag fields / remove it

Tag Editor: new tool - chapters creator

Tag editor: support for folders pinned to "quick access" in Windows Explorer (Windows 10)

Tag editor: chapters editor - the space keystroke now is used as hotkey to suspend / resume playback

Fixed: audio converter - progress of single tracks hangs on 99% if the all/folder to one mode is active

Fixed: general - inverted scrolling of the list during drag-n-drop operations

Fixed: installer - no way to install the app to network path

Fixed: player - import files from external apps settings are ignored if files has been drop to main window

Fixed: playlist - audio files from the MusicBee app cannot be imported to the player via drag-n-drop

Fixed: playlist - the shuffle mode is not applied to newly created playlist if the "each playlist has own playback mode" option is switched off

Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - files in Web Media file format with a .weba extension are ignored by the plugin

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - access token was not updated automatically during long playlist playback

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - files from cannot be played (regression)

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - unable to specify address of custom WebDAV server (regression)

Fixed: plugins - SACD - the replay gain information is ignored

Fixed: plugins - information bar - opacity slider is unaccessible (regression)

Fixed: plugins - podcasts - database from AIMP4 cannot be upgraded to new version, if the URLAudio field has duplicated values

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "wait for playing track to finish" option shifts action time on next repeat

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "wake up PC" option has no effect in certain cases (regression)

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - unable to select date and time if OS locale is Spanish

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - volume control does not work in simple mode (regression)

Fixed: plugins - visualizations - peak-based visualizations does not work (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - transparency mask ignores on import the skins in ACS3 / ACS2 file formats (regression)

Fixed: smart-playlists - sorting options are not imported from playlists created in AIMP4

Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - invoking the settings dialog leads app to freezing if device is inaccessible

Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - app does not save values of the AlbumArtist / DiskTotal / TrackTotal tag fields (regression)

Fixed: tag editor - app not start on Windows 7 (regression)

Fixed: tag editor - template that starts from "[" character cannot be saved to configuration file

Fixed: volume control panel - looks incorrect in night mode

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