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Common change log

Music library: "add to DataBase" menu was improved

Music library: auto-compressing DB every 2 weeks

Music library: highlighting of current playing item

Music library: new interface mode – card view

Music library: now released as plugin

Music library: saving last active item

Music library: search by file names in library

Music library: selection of columns in table

Music library: set rating from player's menu

Player: 32-bit sound processing

Player: AIMP applications' interplay module was remade

Player: AIMP could divide internet-radio into tracks

Player: AutoJump to the next file in tag editor was added

Player: DragAndDrop in playlist bookmarks

Player: LangPackages format was updated

Player: QuickEditor was wided

Player: ability of coping information of track to clipboard in QuickFileInfo

Player: ability to change font in information line

Player: adjustment of crossfading duration

Player: analog meter was updated

Player: arabic localization was added

Player: auto rename playlist on manual saving

Player: auto-hide playlist in toolbar mode only if AIMP window is non-focused

Player: file queue management by keyboard

Player: function "search new files": searching in sub-folders now

Player: function of template formation was speeded up

Player: help in russian was added

Player: jump to quick search by f3

Player: line formating of tracklist

Player: manual scrolling of running line

Player: method of searching in playlist was speeded up

Player: method of searching in playlist was updated - now the result is not affected by order of parts

Player: new DSP-manager: tempo & pitch

Player: new hot key settings menu

Player: new quick tag editor

Player: new tray status icon

Player: now AIMP's interface supports unicode

Player: quick file info is available instead of information line

Player: quick launch for equalizer and playlist settings

Player: quick launch for skins in TrayControl

Player: quick search up & down by list

Player: radio records save in individual folders

Player: saving number of track in .PLC

Player: search album covers algorith was updated

Player: selection in playlist will move to the current file regardless of the focus if manual navigation used

Player: set file rating in quick file info

Player: showing album covers from GIF

Player: showing album covers from JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF (for Win2K is required GDI+)

Player: showing the adjustment of value of volume, balance and speed in running line

Player: small visual changes

Player: tags support utf16 format

Player: transparency of main windows

Player: upgraded function "open folder with file"

Player: removed title scrolling from playlist

Playlist: new bookmarks menu, ability to save current playing position of file

Playlist: playlist bookmarks sorting

Playlist: search in all playlists

Playlist: show dead file-links

Playlist: variable width of playlist in toolbar mode

Playlist: «insert file after current» function was added

Fixed: bug in "stop after current"

Fixed: bug in CUE-parser

Fixed: bug in Drag'n'Drop of files with unicode symbols in title

Fixed: bug in playing WAV-files grabbed by WMP

Fixed: bug in playing some MP3-files with VBR

Fixed: bug in reading ID3v2.4 tags

Fixed: bug in reading some CUE

Fixed: bug in saving path of folder to record radio

Fixed: bug with "StayOnTop" mode

Fixed: bug with AIMP working in minized mode

Fixed: bug with Drag'n'Droping files from playlist to other applications

Fixed: bug with QuickFileInfo updating

Fixed: bug with SkinEngine

Fixed: bug with crossfade between tracks with active mute or PreAMP modes

Fixed: bug with drag&drop coping with wrong links

Fixed: bug with file-association

Fixed: bug with hidden folders adding

Fixed: bug with minimization to tray

Fixed: bug with ogg radio

Fixed: bug with playing of multichannel audio

Fixed: bug with playlist selection in autojump to next playlist function

Fixed: bug with playlist window position in dualview mode

Fixed: bug with playlists creation

Fixed: bug with radio recording with 32-bit sound processing

Fixed: bug with randomize by playlist function in DragNDrop mode

Fixed: bug with reading APE tags

Fixed: bug with reading lyrics from *.OGG files

Fixed: bug with reading lyrics from FLAC

Fixed: bug with reading track number from tag with non-numerical tag-data

Fixed: bug with saving options in limited account

Fixed: bug with saving state of DSP plugins

Fixed: bug with track lyrics in ID3v2 tags

Fixed: bug with track number of WMA files

Fixed: bug with tracklist genereation by template

Fixed: bug with unicode

Fixed: bug with wake up

Fixed: bugs in SkinEngine

Fixed: bugs in winamp emulation module (with input, generic plugins)

Fixed: bugs with playing MMS-stream

Fixed: bugs with playing some MP3s

Fixed: bugs with shuffle mode

Fixed: did't show covers of albums

Fixed: other minor issues

Fixed: registry menu was not working in tag editor

Fixed: rendering frames in windows vista

Fixed: some bugs were fixed

Fixed: some minor issues

Fixed: speed up PLC-playlists loading

Library: bug in sorting items in playlists

Music library: bug with language changing

Music library: bug with scrolling of list if it contains more than 32000 files

Playlist: bug in tag-scanner of playlist

Playlist: fixed focusing on player during D'n'D in playlist

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