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Common change log

Audio converter: ability to close the app automatically after conversion

Audio converter: the statistics are now shown after conversion (optional)

Default skin: support for 125% scale factor

General: support for 4k monitors

General: support for monitors with different DPI

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: the LAME codec has been updated to v3.100

Lyrics: options for finding lyrics in folders has been extended

Music library: ability to quick access to the "reset column filter" commands via context menu of filter button

Music library: ability to reset stats for selected files only

Music library: ability to size group details area in default skin

Music library: column customization menu no longer closes after the click

Music library: new DB engine that improved performance by 10 times

Music library: table - ability to customize list of fields for grouping

Music library: table - ability to customize list of fields that used for group details

Music library: the lyricist, mood, conductor and comment columns has been added

Music library: performance of getting file stats operation has been improved

Music library: quick navigate through field value now operates via ctrl+click

Player: decoders for the WebM and matroska audio formats has been added

Player: support for ATRAC3 file format

Player: support for lyrics in the .LRC and .SRT file formats (skin must support lyrics too)

Player: the "jump 5 sec back on start if playback is paused for more than 15 seconds" option has been added

Player: the "jump to next track on deleting playing file from playlist" option has been added

Player: the "restore playback position for each playlist" option has been added

Playlist: advanced search - ability to show the file information dialog from search window

Playlist: advanced search - the "find in music library" command has been added to dialog's context menu

Playlist: smart-playlists based on playlists - support for "monitor for changes while running"

Plugins: API - lyrics API has been added

Skin engine: ability to specify custom scale factor for skinned windows

Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended

Skin engine: support for scaling

Skin engine: the "gray scale" blending mode has been added

Skin engine: ability to use the old-style scaling behavior

Skin engine: custom possible scale factor has been extended up to 500%

Tag editor: ability to download lyrics from the internet (additional plugins are required)

Tag editor: the lyricist, mood, conductor, catalog, compilation, ISRC, rating and encoder tag fields has been added

Fixed: audio converter - default template for FAAC command line encoder is invalid (regression)

Fixed: audio converter - the stats does not reset before new transcoding operation

Fixed: common - secondary windows can be appeared outside the screen area on showing

Fixed: common - some UI elements displays incompletely on systems with non-standard scale factor

Fixed: default skin - minor issues has been fixed

Fixed: installer - shortcuts of normal version of player are deleted during installation of new copy of player in portable mode

Fixed: installer - the "no profiles" exception occured when trying to install update if installed version has never been started before

Fixed: lyrics - an error occurs on trying to open lyrics in LRC file format if it contains only one time stamp.

Fixed: lyrics - auto search does not work for tracks from CUE sheet

Fixed: lyrics - the LRC file format parser processes some brackets incorrectly

Fixed: lyrics - the SRT file format parser does not take empty lines into account that defined as text

Fixed: music library - closing the app during DB update operation leads to hangs the app

Fixed: music library - filter by the "(none)" value works incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: music library - player processes meta data of track incorrectly if the title field contains a "feat" key work

Fixed: music library - table - canceling the sorting by columns are resets collapsed state of all groups in the list

Fixed: music library - table - width of group details area resets to default value after app restart

Fixed: music library - the content of grouping tree sorts incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: player - detects sample rate incorrectly for some files in WavPack format

Fixed: player - does not detect the bitrate of 64-bit M4A files

Fixed: player - duration of the audio file in the FLAC format calculates incorrectly if real duration more than 24 hours

Fixed: player - files that ends with the " -" text are not imported to playlist from windows explorer via the "play all"command

Fixed: player - information about the playing track not updated on the screen for stations that broadcast in the OGG / FLAC / OPUS formants

Fixed: player - internet radio capture without transcoding does not work (regression)

Fixed: player - playback position calculates incorrectly for some files in the MKA file format

Fixed: player - some files in AAC file format cannot be played now (regression)

Fixed: player - the "prevent display from powering off" option does not work with mini-player

Fixed: player - the MKA files cannot be played if it contains audio stream in FLAC format

Fixed: player - value of the catalog key does not stored to CUE

Fixed: player - values of new tag fields does not stored to CUE

Fixed: playlist - auto bookmark is not created for the playing playlist on close the app

Fixed: playlist - sort the files by created time does not take milliseconds into account

Fixed: playlists - changing the read only setting does not take any effect if playlist was not yet loaded

Fixed: plugins - API - result of the AIMP_SERVICE_OPTIONSDIALOG_NOTIFICATION_CAN_SAVE notification does not take into account when closing the options dialog via the "OK" button

Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - memory leak

Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - the AlbumArtist tag field was not read from file tags

Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - replaygain information was not read from file tags

Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - replaygain information was not read from file tags for OPUS file format

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - content of the element are truncated if font with shadow is used

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - current line of lyrics is shifted to right side if formatting are applied to it

Fixed: skin engine - blending modes that differs from normal works incorrectly with semi-transparent textures

Fixed: skin engine - empty lines of lyrics are not displayed

Fixed: skin engine - few small graphic issues that happens when manual scaling mode is used

Fixed: skin engine - layout of content of music library and playlist re-calculates incorrectly on text scaling in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues has been fixed

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues were fixed

Fixed: skin engine - scrolling via mouse wheel stops working after restoring minimized window

Fixed: skin engine - unnecessary re-creation of the window handle during state restoring, if it was maximized (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - wave for the waveform-navigator calculates incorrectly (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - window loses focus after restoring from minimized state

Fixed: skin-engine - an error occurs when applying custom skin if scale factor is differs from 100%

Fixed: smart-playlists - tracks meta data were not updated on synchronization in some cases

Fixed: tag editor - tag fields with multiple values are read incorrectly in some cases for M4A file format

Fixed: tag editor - the "all words with capital letter" function works incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: utilities - files does not transferred from the player in certain cases (regression)