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Common change log

Advanced search: ability to select certain playlists for search

Advanced search: search string and result are now saves within a single working session

General: 3rd party libraries were updated

Music library: table - album thumbnails view - ability to expand/collapse groups

Music library: table - local files - average rating is now displayed for each group

Music library: quick switching between templates of the grouping tree are now going via ctrl+shift+click in the table

Music library: selection in the table can be inverted now via the num * key

Music library: table - loading speed of album arts has been increased at 10 times

Music library: table - position of group in the list does not affect to records sorting anymore

Player: the "show current track information in taskbar" option is now affects to album art in aero peek.

Playlist: ability to search items by absolute item index in the list

Plugin: API has been extended

Plugins: BASS_HLS - support for HTTP live streaming (beta)

Plugins: CDDA - support for the CUE format in CDText

Skin engine: rendering has been optimized

Smart-playlist: ability to use local / remote playlist file as preimage

Sound engine: waveform-navigator for remote files is now supported

Tag editor: leading and trailing spaces will be removed now on save the changes

Fixed: common - an error occurs in some cases during application startup that leads to crash the application

Fixed: common - an error occurs in some cases during application startup that leads to crash the application if the aimp_VK plugin is loaded

Fixed: common - content of legend for macros does paints incorrectly

Fixed: installer - the "out of memory" exception occurs during creating the uninstaller on some PCs

Fixed: music library - an error occurs when applying the column filter

Fixed: music library - application crashes when trying to close the "misplaced files" dialog if search process is active

Fixed: music library - content of smart-playlist disappears on assigning the "sort by field" option in filtering settings

Fixed: music library - memory corruption occurs when using music library as preimage for smart-playlist

Fixed: music library - minor issues were fixed

Fixed: music library - poor performance of quick search in grouping tree

Fixed: music library - smart-playlists - the NOT operator does not work for the "contains", "begins with" and "ends with" operations for fields that support the multiple values (thanks to vasiliy)

Fixed: music library - table - album thumbnails view - playback that invoked via mouse double click always started from the first track in group

Fixed: player - bitrate of files in MP3 format detects incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: player - the information about the playing track from internet radio station was not updated in some cases

Fixed: playlist - no ability to select few collapsed groups via keyboard

Fixed: playlist - sorting by the duration or/and channel count fields works incorrectly

Fixed: playlist - the "add entire folder if one file is sent" option does not work correctly in some cases (regression)

Fixed: plugins - API - an error occurs when calculating the hash code for certain images (regression)

Fixed: plugins - API - file cannot be downloaded if URL contains the ":" symbol in the path

Fixed: plugins - CDDA - an access provider to the CDDB does not work

Fixed: skin engine - the position of float-arrow calculates incorrectly

Fixed: sound engine - stops the playback in some cases after ending the remote desktop session

Fixed: tag editor - MP4 - encoding of titles of QuickTime chapters detects incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: tag editor - copying the album art to clipboard produces an invalid bitmap stream

Fixed: tag editor - few minor issues when editing tracks from CUE

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