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Common change log

Advanced search: added an ability to add files to the queue via middle mouse button click

Advanced search: the "file location" menu item has been added

Audio converter: only common information about the tracks is now stored to the file tags during "all-to-one file" encoding mode

Audio converter: tags are now stored to WMA and WavPack formats via AIMP tags engine

Bookmarks manager: added an ability to sort items via click on table column

Bookmarks: "bookmarks manager" dialogue - quick search has been added

Bookmarks: "bookmarks manager" dialogue - usability has been improved

Bookmarks: added an ability to add playlists to the bookmarks

DSP-manager: added an ability to switch on/off all cross mixing settings quickly

DSP-manager: volume normalization - scale factor is now displayed in the "% dB / % x" format

Equalizer presets dialog: alphabetical sorting of presets is default now

Equalizer presets dialog: incremental search has been added

General: added an ability to move links via drag-n-drop from internet browser to playlist or "add link" dialog

General: added support for panning gesture for listbox like controls

General: application loading speed has been increased

General: the cover art search now processes the "cover" and "scan" subfolders

Jump to time: added an ability to split minutes and seconds by space symbol

Manual: added search ability

Music library: new algorithm of rating calculation - rating is now depends from time

Music library: the "add to AIMP's playlist" menu item has been added to the context menu for grouping tree

Player: compatibility with the service has been improved

Player: cross mixing setting has been expanded

Player: fading and cross mixing settings has been moved to DSP manager dialogue

Player: hot key for "switch on/off equalizer" command

Player: new mechanism of file association - now we use solution recommended by microsoft

Player: playlists reading speed has been increased by 25%

Player: position of the "advanced search" window now stored to config

Player: response time of the window in "desktop toolbar" mode during adding files via drag-n-drop operation has been decreased

Player: the "insert after current" command in addition to current behavior, now puts track to the beginning of playback queue

Playlist: advanced search is now show last search query

Playlist: an empty playlists with non-empty preimage setting will not be deleted now on closing the application

Playlist: auto name algorithm has been improved

Plugins: the "internet radiostation catalog" plugin has been removed, you can access to catalogs via internet browser

Skin engine: added an ability to resize animator control

Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved

Skin engine: rendering speed has been increased due caching of the background elements

Skin engine: the sizes of windows now automatically adjusted after screen resolution changing

Sound engine: added an ability to customize resampling speed/quality

Sound engine: added an ability to use dithering when decreasing bit depth

Sound engine: anticlipping

Sound engine: performance has been increased

Sound engine: the SoXR library is now used for resampling

Sound engine: TAK decoder has been updated

Sound engine: WASAPI exclusive - added support for the push and the event output modes

Sound engine: activating / deactivating effects are now processed more smoothly

Sound engine: cache system has been improved - CPU usage has been reduced

Sound engine: cache system has been improved - read latency has been reduced

Sound engine: compatibility with remote desktop assistant has been improved (for WASAPI interface)

Sound engine: options dialog - list of supported formats is populated now on demand, not at options dialog initialization

Sound engine: radio capture - CUE sheet is now stored on the hard drive after each track

Sound engine: radio capture - maximum delay before start record new track has been increased to 30 seconds.

Sound engine: the normalization function has been returned, the algorithm has been improved

Tag editor: string parsing in the AutoTag based on the file name is now going from end

Tag editor: support for non-english URLs - the URL will be automatically converted to punycode and vice versa.

Tag editor: the progress of current operation is now displaying on the taskbar button

Tags: replaygain are now supported for MusePack v8 format

Fixed: QFI - click on cover art display opens temporary copy of image instead of original

Fixed: advanced search - click via middle mouse button does't select row in the table

Fixed: audio converter - an error occurs when trying to encode file to the OGG format with quality low than 4

Fixed: audio converter - bugs with parameters selection in the "OGG vorbis encoder settings" dialogue

Fixed: audio converter - bugs with parameters selection in the "WMA encoder settings" dialogue

Fixed: audio converter does not write information about replaygain for album to CUE-sheet

Fixed: bookmarks manager - cursor position in the table resets to zero after removing the record

Fixed: browse folder dialogue - the ctrl + up / ctrl + down hot keys does not work

Fixed: common - application hangs in some cases when trying to add corrupted files in OGG format

Fixed: common - bugs in some localizations

Fixed: common - files from the windows explorer were not added to the list at start of application

Fixed: common - format line parser does not process "\," set of symbols correctly

Fixed: common - player can't be associated with file types in some cases

Fixed: common - player ignores "SONGWRITER" field in CUE-sheet

Fixed: common - player is minimized to tray instead of taskbar in some cases

Fixed: common - some bugs in localizations

Fixed: common - the "all words with capital letter" function change the capitalization of whole word to uppercase in some cases

Fixed: common - the ctrl + page up / ctrl + page down hot keys does not work in secondary windows if its has been used as local hot keys in the player.

Fixed: common - tray icon flashes during program startup

Fixed: common - windows position are shifted at taskbar height after restart if taskbar is placed at top edge of screen

Fixed: file save dialogue - no overwrite confirmation in some cases

Fixed: installer - update mode doesn't work

Fixed: installer doesn't create shortcuts under windows 8

Fixed: installer launches the application as administrator

Fixed: internet radio browser - an error occurs when closing the window during download operation

Fixed: managing playlists - selection has been restored incorrectly after playlist deletion

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: music library - all tracks from set are added to the audio converter regardless of which of them were selected

Fixed: music library - an error occurs when trying to remove playable file

Fixed: music library - data cache doesn't refresh after removing operation

Fixed: music library - focused file disappears from visible area after sorting

Fixed: music library - the application hangs when trying to move file via drag-n-drop, if target folder already contain file with same name

Fixed: music library displays wrong data in the report

Fixed: music library does not take initial rating of file into account when adding file to database

Fixed: pandemic AIO skin - no ability to drag player window by its caption

Fixed: player - an error occurs when trying to move file from bookmarks popup window to external application via drag-n-drop

Fixed: player - an error occurs when trying to start audio CD playback from autorun menu

Fixed: player - bookmarks cannot be saved in some cases

Fixed: player - bugs with reading command line switches

Fixed: player - crashes on attempt to activate DSP-plugin

Fixed: player - crashes on terminating if one of the DSP-plugin is active

Fixed: player - data from ID3v2 has been replaced with data from ID3v1 in some cases, even if encoding is different

Fixed: player - default folder for internet radio capture is stored to configuration file

Fixed: player - few folders without spaces in the names cannot be added to the player via command line

Fixed: player - file in the CUE format loads incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: player - hot keys list doesn't repaint correctly after removing the hot key via keyboard

Fixed: player - hotkey settings are not saved in some cases

Fixed: player - local hot keys doesn't work if full screen visualization mode is active

Fixed: player - manual track switching processed with small delay

Fixed: player - no an ability to set multimedia keys as local hot keys

Fixed: player - program UI sometimes hangs when playing tracks

Fixed: player - queue manager does not save file order after closing the player

Fixed: player - the "suspend global hot keys" option does not work

Fixed: player - the QFI window doesn't appear at the first time in some cases

Fixed: player - the content of CUE sheet is loaded incorrectly, if load it as a playlist

Fixed: player - the custom information about the radio station is lost when playback is starting

Fixed: player - the plug-ins table jumps to beginning after any plug-in is unloaded

Fixed: player - the remove file confirmation dialog doesn't return focus to the previous window after closing

Fixed: player - window position is restored incorrectly if it was attached to the screen edge via drag-n-drop

Fixed: player cannot play tracker music correctly in some cases - only samples are played

Fixed: playlist - an error occurs when trying to execute "search new files" dialog

Fixed: playlist - filename of tracklist cuts off in some cases

Fixed: playlist - focus and playback cursor are reseted after synchronization with the preimage.

Fixed: playlist - item with URL cannot be sent into other playlist via context menu

Fixed: playlist - mouse wheel settings are ignored

Fixed: playlist - no an ability to drop files to the end of playlist in some cases

Fixed: playlist - no an ability to move selected group inside another even if "merge with similar categories" option is switched off

Fixed: playlist - player add files to playlist too long

Fixed: playlist - the list doesn't scroll to searching item via quick search if it placed in collapsed group

Fixed: playlist - the remove file confirmation dialog does not restore focus after closing

Fixed: playlist - when closing the playlist tab, playlist file deleted bypassing the recycle bin

Fixed: playlist - zoom level not saved on restart

Fixed: playlists - deletion of the collapsed group expand group which placed below

Fixed: playlists - few extra drop target slots are exists when moving files in the playlist via mouse

Fixed: playlists - playlists manager deletes playlists pass the recycle bin

Fixed: playlists - the "save playlist 'default'" option is ignores when closing playlist tab

Fixed: playlists manager - ability to set unsupported file as pre-image via drag-n-drop operation

Fixed: playlists managing - preview for few selected playlists doesn't work correctly

Fixed: plugins - CDDA - cache is not updated in some cases

Fixed: plugins - CDDA - information about the track has incorrect encoding, if information has been received from the CDDB

Fixed: plugins - alarm clock - another playlist starts playing, if selected playlist has been never activated after restart of the program

Fixed: plugins - the information line flashes on display, if it has been hidden by mouse before that

Fixed: replace confirmation dialog - the "replace all" and the "skip all" buttons doesn't work

Fixed: scheduler - bugs with applying playlist as alarm clock melody

Fixed: simple scheduler - the state of "shutdown the computer" option isn't stored

Fixed: skin engine - ability to resize window is blocked after change skin to another without maximization support if window is maximized

Fixed: skin engine - an error occurs in some cases when trying to load skin that contains embedded fonts

Fixed: skin engine - an error occurs in some cases when trying to undock the mini player from screen edge via drag-n-drop

Fixed: skin engine - an error occurs when trying to undock tray-control from the screen edge

Fixed: skin engine - behavior of child window is broken after closing the window via alt+f4

Fixed: skin engine - bugs in time formatting function

Fixed: skin engine - bugs with initialization of default values for controls on program startup

Fixed: skin engine - containers visibility doesn't save to configuration file

Fixed: skin engine - converter ignores special settings for all-in-one skins

Fixed: skin engine - elements placed on hidden container still visible in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - information in QFI isn't refreshed in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - initial size of container calculates incorrectly in some layouts

Fixed: skin engine - maximized window reduces its size after AIMP restart

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues has been fixed

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues with providers

Fixed: skin engine - mouse cursor is not recalculated correctly in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - new name of playlist is not updated in the PlaylistBox skin element

Fixed: skin engine - position of equivalent containers calculates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - position of equivalent containers with limited sizes calculates incorrectly

Fixed: skin engine - position of pinned window calculates incorrectly, if master window is docked to main window

Fixed: skin engine - skin settings are resets after restart the application

Fixed: skin engine - the hit-test calculates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - the value of the PeakSegmentation property isn't taken into account

Fixed: skin engine - there is no check for corruption of skin package

Fixed: skin engine - value of the ClipChildren property is ignores when calculating HitTest

Fixed: skin engine - value of the SizeMaximal property isn't taken into account for client-aligned containers

Fixed: sound effects - mixing options apply incorrectly

Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - few bugs with playback resuming on some devices

Fixed: sound engine - an error occurs when switching between tracks in some cases

Fixed: sound engine - application hangs when changing playback position via mouse wheel

Fixed: sound engine - information about bitrate in the metadata section are ignored

Fixed: sound engine - no an ability to pause file playback, if it located on remote server

Fixed: sound engine - noise can be heard when playing file with high sampling rate

Fixed: sound engine - output settings are resets at some devices when opening the options dialog

Fixed: sound engine - player doesn't play last 20-30 msec of track

Fixed: sound engine - player jumps over track in some cases when set is playing

Fixed: sound engine - program crashes during cache buffer initialization process if system cannot allocate requested memory size

Fixed: sound engine - program crashes during radio capture process, if playable track has incorrect symbols in one of its tag fields

Fixed: sound engine - scratches can be heard on some tracks if the normalization by amplitude effect is active

Fixed: sound engine - stuttering occurs on start of playback in some cases

Fixed: sound engine - the application hangs during playback of file with duration less than 1 seconds if the "repeat track" mode is active

Fixed: sound engine - the mixing effect cuts end of track, if effect time is less than a second

Fixed: sound engine - the program sometimes hangs during playback

Fixed: sound engine - tracks with long names cannot be played in some cases

Fixed: sound engine incorrectly identifies a list of supported formats for some device types

Fixed: tag editor - ID3v2 - last value is taken into account for the "comment", "genre", "link" fields instead of first, as for the other fields

Fixed: tag editor - album art from ID3v2.4 tag cannot be read in some cases

Fixed: tag editor - autofilling tags functionality does not work

Fixed: tag editor - file cannot be removed physically if it played in mini-player of the tag editor

Fixed: tag editor - file in FLAC format cannot be read by player, if embedded CUE has been remove via AIMP tag editor

Fixed: tag editor - genre from list of predefined genres does not save correctly to M4A format

Fixed: tag editor - incorrect files order in the "analysis result" dialogue

Fixed: tag editor - lyrics field value has been cut by first line

Fixed: tag editor - the "skip this file" option doesn't work in the "rename" dialog

Fixed: tag editor - the M4A tag missing in the tags list for group removing / applying tag fields values

Fixed: tag editor - the autotag functions is not work correctly

Fixed: tag editor does not recognize files which located in the windows libraries

Fixed: tag editor save incorrect information about the size of ID3v2 tag

Fixed: tags - MP4 - no information about bitrate is displayed for certain files

Fixed: the "send to" - selected template is ignored, if file doesn't have tags

Fixed: the tag editor stores two copies of cover art to the file in FLAC format

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