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Common change log

Bookmarks: added search support

Bookmarks: an ability to create auto-bookmarks for files

Bookmarks: an ability to edit bookmark's time

Bookmarks: new auto-catch behavior for files and playlists

Bookmarks: now all bookmarks grouped by a track

Bookmarks: an ability to share the bookmarks

General: action list for gestures has been extended with few new commands

General: an ability to jump to next track by shake the phone (optional)

General: appearance of settings dialog has been improved

General: night mode - an ability to specify night time manually

General: night mode - support for system settings for night mode

General: support for external file providers

General: support for otg-drives

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: compatibility with external file management apps has been improved

General: compatibility with the Android 11 has been improved

General: localizations has been updated

General: migration to API 29 (Android 10) and the AndroidX library

General: optimization of background thread dispatcher

General: performance has been improved

General: simplified debug log copy operation

General: the "high CPU priority" option is now switched on by default

Player: album art file size limitation has been removed

Player: images from the "downloads" will not be taken as album arts anymore

Playlist: an ability to copy / move selected files to specified folder

Playlist: an ability to specify default sorting and grouping templates

Playlist: an ability to suspend user queue

Playlist: support for the PLS file format

Playlists: improved performance of playlist import

UI: usability of graph-based equalizer has been improved

Fixed: - the app does not replace an empty tag fields with the "unknown" anymore

Fixed: general - app automatically starts playing on first connection of bluetooth-device independent from app options

Fixed: general - app cannot to import the files in WAV format from external applications

Fixed: general - app does not resume playback after incoming call in certain cases

Fixed: general - app does not start on action from bluetooth headset even if the "ignore external commands if player is not running" option is switched off

Fixed: general - application crashes on attempt to display album art whose width or height is equal to 1px

Fixed: general - has no reaction on wired headset connection / disconnection (regression)

Fixed: general - information about currently playing track on internet-radio is not updated on some car pc devices

Fixed: general - keyboard does not hide on enter the value if app is running on Huawei or Xiaomi devices

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: player - app hangs up on switching the tracks with cross fading effect (regression)

Fixed: player - does not display meta information for certain HLS-based streams (regression)

Fixed: player - playback will not resumed after short break of bluetooth connection

Fixed: player - the "file was not found" error occurs on attempt to play file that contains a "+" character in it full path if file has been imported from external file manager

Fixed: player - the "save player state during the playlist navigation" does not affect to the "previous playlist" / "next playlist" commands

Fixed: playlist - CUE files that uses the Tab character instead of the Space character cannot be loaded

Fixed: playlist - no way to invert items order if playlist was not sorted (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - app crashes on Vivo devices on attempt to skin the ScrollView element

Fixed: skin engine - skins are displayed using incorrect colors if app is running on MIUI 12 with dark theme

Fixed: sleep timer - remaining time displays incorrectly

Fixed: widgets - closing the Configurator leads to close the app's activities

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