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Common change log

Equalizer Presets Chooser: an ability to preview the preset before apply

Equalizer: the Alternative / Industrial / Hip-Hop presets has been added

File manager: a banner that allows you to switch on display of hidden files if folder contains hidden objects has been added

General: localizations has been updated

General: optimization of background thread dispatcher

General: performance has been improved

Player: an ability to adjust rewind speed by holding the "previous track" / "next track" buttons

Player: an ability to download album arts from Internet only if Wi-Fi connection is used

Player: an ability to pause / resume playback automatically when volume level become zero / become non-zero (optional)

Player: support for lyrics in the SRT / LRC / CUE file formats

Player: the "Save player state during the playlist navigation via "next / previous file" buttons" option has been added

Player: internet-radio - support for JSON-based metadata

Playlists: an ability to define shuffle playback mode for each playlist separately (optional)

Playlists: an ability to import files from external applications

Playlists: performance of file loading / saving has been increased by 80%

Playlists: tags loading performance has been increased by 2.2 times

Playlists: the "merge similar groups automatically" option has been added

Skin Engine: potential abilities are extended

Skin Engine: minimal value of scale factor has been decreased to 50%.

Sound Engine: an ability to adjust resampler performance/quality

Sound Engine: experimental support of AAudio-based output mode (Android 8 or newer)

Sound Engine: now app automatically switches between equalizer presets on switching between headset and phone speaker

Sound Engine: playback options for tracker music have been added

Sound Engine: the peak-based volume normalization has been added

Fixed: Player - replay gain information loads incorrectly from some files in OPUS format

Fixed: file information dialog - the "set as ringtone" command does not work (regression)

Fixed: file manager - the "go to parent level" button does not work in certain cases

Fixed: general - URLs from external applications cannot be added to player (regression)

Fixed: general - app cannot be started on Android v4.0 (regression)

Fixed: general - app cannot be started on some devices based on MIUI firmware

Fixed: general - app crashes on change of screen orientation if the "sleep timer" screen is active (regression)

Fixed: general - app hangs on attempt to start track during re-connection to internet radiostation

Fixed: general - app hangs on exit if one of playlists still reading tags in background

Fixed: general - app minimizes on attempt to invoke secondary screen in certain cases

Fixed: general - background service terminates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: general - file that added from some external application cannot be played because of the "file was not found" error

Fixed: general - iteration with external scrobblers does not work (regression)

Fixed: general - on some devices volume slider step changes to non-standard value on activating the app window if player is not playing

Fixed: general - opening the settings dialog leads to app crush when running on Android v4.x (regression)

Fixed: general - the app starts playback on successful bluetooth connection to car audio system even if the "play when headset plugged in" option is switched off

Fixed: general - there are not associations with the M3U / M3U8 file formats

Fixed: general - volume changing notification does not appear on some devices if app is active

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: lyrics - some files in SRT format loads incorrectly

Fixed: lyrics - unsupported tags of Enhanced LRC file format are no longer shown

Fixed: macros - leading and trailing spaces was not ignored for numeric arguments of functions

Fixed: player - album art search in Internet fails in some cases

Fixed: player - album arts from the Vorbis Comments tag format cannot be read running on some Android versions

Fixed: player - an attempt to switch tracks via volume buttons leads to app hang up if app was started immediately after it was closed

Fixed: player - bitrate of some files is not displayed

Fixed: player - changing tempo leads to stop the playback

Fixed: player - duration of some files in MP3 file format calculates incorrectly

Fixed: player - equalizer stops working after changing playback speed (regression)

Fixed: player - lyrics that presented as separate file cannot be for tracks from CUE sheet

Fixed: player - meta-data from some radio stations parses incorrectly

Fixed: player - playback stops even if bluetooth-connection for non-audio device is lost

Fixed: player - resumes playback when volume become non-zero provided option with same name is switch on even if player has been paused by user

Fixed: player - the "Engine has not been successfully initialized" error occurs if the AudioTrack output is selected while running on Android 4.x

Fixed: player - the "import from external apps \ start playback immediately" option does not work for playlist files.

Fixed: player - the "pause playback on start up" option does not correctly with internet streams

Fixed: player - there are no information about playing track on lock screen on certain firmwares

Fixed: playlist - CUE sheet cannot be loaded for the audio file if it references to audio file with same name but with different extension (regression)

Fixed: playlist - app hangs on exit if tags reading operation in playlist is not yet complete

Fixed: playlist - playback queue was not updated after import the playlist with shuffled queue if the "playback mode for each playlist" option is switched off

Fixed: playlist - queue state was not updated after app resume (regression)

Fixed: playlist - smart-playlist status is not updated after adding single files to the playlist

Fixed: playlist - tags reading process does not resume after adding new portion of files in certain cases (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - changing the scaling factor leads to reset other skin settings

Fixed: skin engine - skins from previous versions of app looks incorrectly

Fixed: sound engine - the "reduce volume while notification sounds" does not work when running on Android Oreo or newer

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - player ignores tag field values that contains only non-latin characters stored in ANSI encoding

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - text encodings detects incorrectly in certain cases

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - text field that contains a lot of null-characters leads to app hangs up

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 tags cannot be read if app is running on Android v4.0 - v4.3

Fixed: tags - the album artist field is ignored for Vorbis Comments tag format

Fixed: tags - the app gives priority to latest album art from tags instead of first (regression)

Fixed: tags - the lyrics field cannot be read from files in MP4 file format

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