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Common change log

General: native support for arm64-v8a

Headset: new commands: "add to bookmarks", "add to favorites", "previous/next playlist"

Player: an ability to download album arts from Internet automatically (optionally)

Player: an ability to jump to beginning of playing track on the previous track button click (optionally)

Player: the "jump to next track and pause the playback" option has been added

Player: now player waits for full initialization of bluetooth headset to start playback (if the "play when headset plugged in" option is switched on)

Playlist: an ability to import few playlists at one time

Playlist: the "Favorites" playlist has been introduced

Skin Engine: potential abilities are extended

UI: an ability to use system style of widget in notification area

UI: usability playlist screen has been improved

UI: visual appearance of default skin has been updated

Fixed: File Information Dialog - lyrics are not fully displays some cases (regression)

Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs while trying to create new playlist if app running on Android 4.0 / 4.1

Fixed: Playlist - collapsing / expanding the groups scrolls the list to top (regression)

Fixed: Playlist - grouping mode are not stored to playlist file in some cases

Fixed: Playlsit - switching the "Sort the grouping" option to true blocks the manual playlist sorting (regression)

Fixed: Sound Engine - app hangs sometimes while switching to next track

Fixed: default skin - the "back" button of equalizer screen displays the MusicFX settings dialog

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: playlist - sorting mode resets to none on refreshing playlist content via the "swipe-to-refresh" gesture (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - tap on the downloaded skin in browser does not open it in AIMP in some cases

Fixed: widget - the "Couldn't expand RemoteViews for StatusBarNotification" exception occurs while showing system style widget in notification area on Huawei and Honor devices

Fixed: widgets - background color of the "AIMP" widget in notification area calculates incorrectly if color scheme is set to "auto"

Fixed: widgets - changing the state of the "shuffle" and "repeat" buttons in widget does not refresh the state in main window