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Common change log

Android Auto: now supported

Android Auto: support for voice commands

Default Skin: an ability to select classic equalizer view

File Information: real content type is now displayed for playing internet radio stream

File manager: an ability to display hidden folders

File manager: folders that contains a .nomedia file are now processes as hidden

General: support for Android Shortcuts

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: Ansi text encoding detection algorithm has been improved

General: localizations has been updated

Lock Screen: added an ability to hide album art from lock screen

Player: added an ability to switch off the "High CPU priority" mode

Playlist: an ability to customize formatting lines for playlist entries

Playlist: an ability to group playlist items by year tag field

Playlist: an ability to sort playlist by year tag field

Playlist: an ability to sort playlist tabs manually

Playlist: an ability to hide column with track number

Playlist: legend has been added to the template editing dialog

Playlist: secondary line now becomes invisible if template has not been defined for it

Playlist: the "autosort playlists list" option has been added

Skin Engine: an ability to change skin hue

Sound Engine: cross-mixing feature has been added

Sound Engine: volume normalization via replay gain has been added

Sound Engine: Replay Gain - now you can defined separate preamp for the values from tags and on-the-fly analysis

Sound Engine: the AudioTrack output method is now used as default if app is running on Android 8 or newer

Fixed: Android Auto - music control does not work until the track started from app manually

Fixed: File Information Dialog - an incorrect information are displayed for file from CUE sheet

Fixed: File Information Dialog - no information are displayed in the dialog for URLs (regression)

Fixed: File Information Dialog - no lyrics are displayed for playing file (regression)

Fixed: Player - an issues related to processing the .nomedia files

Fixed: Player - does not resume the playback on return the permanent audio focus (regression)

Fixed: Player - information about playing track was not updated on a screen during playback of Internet radio station in some cases

Fixed: Player - the cross-mixing feature works incorrectly for tracks that splitted via CUE sheet in shuffled playback mode

Fixed: Playlist - an empty lines are displayed in playlist while player loads tags in background thread

Fixed: Playlist - app crashes if number of arguments in function is different from required

Fixed: Playlist - app does not elevate access rights on export the playlist (regression)

Fixed: Playlist - few bugs in smart-playlists controller

Fixed: Playlist - first non-existent item not removed from playlist on update via swipe-to-refresh gesture

Fixed: Playlist - imported playlist has not been stored to internal storage if it has no changes (regression)

Fixed: Playlist - issues with preimages for smart-playlists

Fixed: Playlist - macros that placed after functions are ignored

Fixed: Playlist - no way to re-add tracks that have been removed from playlist if these have been spliited by CUE sheet

Fixed: Playlist - physical files removing performes too long

Fixed: Playlist - playlists disappears from playlist manager after hard app shutdown

Fixed: Playlist - the "playlist was corrupted" error occurs if no one playlist have been imported to app

Fixed: Playlist - the IllegalArgumentException exception occurs when trying to share file that placed at path different from default sdcard path

Fixed: Playlist - the swipe-to-refresh gesture starts few concurrent threads to update playlist content

Fixed: Playlist - visual bugs that appears during sorting playlist tabs

Fixed: Sound Engine - Replay Gain - beginning of track is too quiet if the "on-the-fly analysis" option is switched on

Fixed: Widgets - issues with displaying the widget in notification area using Android Oreo (regression)

Fixed: Widgets - player cannot be started from widget on Android Oreo (regression)

Fixed: Widgets - the sound of notification is played when the content of widget in the notification area has been updated (regression)

Fixed: general - black background is displayed on lock screen if album art of playing file is missing

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: tags - APEv2 - the Year tag field was ignored

Fixed: tags - MP4 / M4A - album art cannot be read from file tags if file contains few streams and audio stream is not first

Fixed: tags - MP4 / M4A - track number and genre tag fields reads incorrectly in some cases from file tags