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Common change log

General: localizations has been updated

General: compatibility with external file management apps has been improved

Player: added support of the file:// protocol in Album Art downloader module

Player: now player will not start playback if audiofocus was not taken

Player: upper limit of speed control has been increased to 3x

Skins: the "Skin Chooser" dialog has been improved

Sound Engine: replay gain - the default value is now used as a basic value for the "on-fly" analysis

Tags: support for meta from the WAV file format

Fixed: Player - player ignores local album art cache if Internet connection is not established

Fixed: common - settings dialog ignores the "orientation" option value

Fixed: general - an issues with take write access permissions to sd-card using Android 10 (thanks to Christian Ghisler)

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: player - background service creates two media sessions that leads to conflict in remote control the player

Fixed: player - does not display meta information for certain HLS-based streams

Fixed: player - does not resume internet-radio playback on take the audio focus (regression)

Fixed: player - internet radio - the HTML-codes displays instead of human-readable text for some radio stations

Fixed: player - player did not re-connect to internet radio station on lose the connection in some cases

Fixed: player - player does not stop the playback on attempt to play another file if it failed to load

Fixed: player - sometimes app may hang up during internet-radio buffering progress

Fixed: player - the "file was not found" error occurs on attempt to play file that contains a "%" character in it full path

Fixed: player - the "pause" command from voice assistant processed incorrectly

Fixed: playlist - player ignores external CUE sheet file if it refers to audio in M4A file format

Fixed: playlist - some playlist operations ignores selected files from collapsed groups

Fixed: skin engine - RTL-text does not appear in running line

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - player does not reda the data for ID3 v2.1

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - text encodings detects incorrectly in certain cases

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