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Common change log

File manager: folders that starts from "." are no longer displayed in the list

General: Android O support has been added

General: Devices with ARMv6 CPUs are not supported anymore

Headset: an ability to set command on hold the button

Headset: holding the "next track" / "previous track" hardware buttons now rewinds the track

Headset: new commands: "rewind forward", "rewind backward" and "start from beginning"

Player: an ability to share files

Player: an ability to switch the tracks via volume buttons

Player: support for UI scaling

Player: support for WebM file format and its descendants

Player: support for built-in to OS decoders

Player: the "Jump to Time" dialog has been added

Player: the "jump 5 sec back on start if playback is paused for more than 15 seconds" option has been added

Player: the "restore playback position for each playlist" option has been added

Playlist: an ability to disable end-to-end numbering

Playlist: an ability to sort by title

Playlist: support for auto-generated names

Playlist: support for smart-playlists based on folders

Skin Engine: potential abilities are extended

Skin Engine: widget in notification area is now support for system styles

Sound Engine: Equalizer algorithm has been improved

Sound Engine: an ability to change behavior on lose audio focus

Sound Engine: an ability to select output method type - AudioTrack or OpenSL

Sound Engine: an ability to select output sample rate

Widget: an ability to switch off the big view of widget in notification area

Widgets: the big view of widget in notification area has been added (for Android 5 or newer)

Fixed: Player - app crashes on switching between tracks using the AudioTrack output method if pause between tracks is set to non-zero value

Fixed: Player - focus jumps to next track even if the "Jump to next track automatically" option is switched off

Fixed: Player - playback don't jump to next track automatically in some cases (regression)

Fixed: Player - the "E0" error occurs on start playing next track if output sample rate has been changed

Fixed: Player - unable to play HTTPS links on some devices

Fixed: Playlist - absolute numeration works with collapsed groups incorrectly

Fixed: Playlist - an error that happened after the swipe-to-refresh gesture on some smart-playlists

Fixed: Playlist - app crashes in some cases during refreshing the content of smart-playlist

Fixed: Playlist - auto bookmark is not created for the playing playlist on close the app

Fixed: Playlist - file adding - index of first visible item in list resets to zero after file is deleted physically

Fixed: Playlist - files from internal memory cannot be deleted physically

Fixed: Playlist - information about remote files was not updated after start the playback

Fixed: Playlist - physically removed file still visible for Windows Explorer (on Xiaomi devices only)

Fixed: Playlist - user defined meta data for radio station in playlist are reset on start the playback

Fixed: Smart-Playlists - playlist ceased to be a smart-playlist after several saves

Fixed: Widgets - information about the track was not updated on jump to next / previous track if player is paused

Fixed: Widgets - poor quality of album art image in widget that displayed in notification area

Fixed: Widgets - system styles support for widget in notification area has been improved

Fixed: Widgets - text have too small size in big widget in notification area on some devices

Fixed: Widgets - widget in notification are have no button glyphs if app is running under Android 4.x

Fixed: Widgets - widget in notification area has no background on some firmware

Fixed: file manager - some USB-devices was not listed in the "SD-cards" menu

Fixed: general - the "set as ringtone" command does not work if app is running under Android 5 (regression)

Fixed: general - the "set as ringtone" command does not work if app is running under Android 7 or newer

Fixed: player - the "share" command does not work under Android Nougat or newer

Fixed: small issues and defects

Random addon