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Common change log

Bookmarks: the "Delete" and "Clear" commands have been added to context menu

General: support for custom skins

General: support for the "content://" protocol when opening files from notification area or external applications

General: Catalan localization has been added

General: Spanish, French and Portuguese localizations have been added

General: localizations has been updated

Headset: an ability to specify command for single / double / triple click

Headset: support for triple click

Player: an ability to adjust playback speed

Player: automatic reconnect to internet radio station when connection is lost

Player: bookmarks support has been added

Player: custom playback queue has been added

Player: dialog with extended information about the playing file

Player: support for HTTP Live Streaming has been added

Player: the "automatically jump to next track" option has been added

Player: compatibility with bluetooth headsets has been improved

Playlist: an ability to collapse groups

Playlist: an ability to sort tracks by track number / date of addition / file size / duration

Playlist: deletion mode - an ability to select all tracks in group by clicking the group header

Skin Engine: File Information Dialog has been adapted for devices with small screen

Skin Engine: an ability to customize accent color

Skin Engine: an ability to specify custom "no cover" image

Skin Engine: skin package now provides default colors for desktop widgets

Widgets: an ability to customize appearance and opacity for each widget

Widgets: launch configurator button has been added

Fixed: File Information Dialog - album art that embedded to the file was not displayed

Fixed: File Information Dialog - value of the "size" field does not take tags size into account

Fixed: Player - AIMP is missing in the "open with" list for the M3U8 file format

Fixed: Player - album arts from playing track folder are ignored by player (regression)

Fixed: Player - an error occurs in some cases on opening file from standard File Explorer that leads to app crash

Fixed: Player - automatic reconnection to internet radio station when connection is lost does not work (regression)

Fixed: Player - average bitrate calculates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Player - double tap on pause button that displayed on lock screen switches to next track

Fixed: Player - encoding detection algorithm works incorrectly for quoted words

Fixed: Player - links to internet radio from external applications cannot be opened in AIMP

Fixed: Player - lyrics that stored in user-defined field of ID3v2 tag cannot be displayed

Fixed: Player - playback could stop spontaneously, if bluetooth-connection is active

Fixed: Player - playback is started on headset connection during incoming call

Fixed: Player - saved state restores incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Player - sound lags occurred during playback on some Xiaomi devices

Fixed: Player - sound lags occurred during playback on some devices

Fixed: Playlist - incorrect import of playback order when importing some playlist files

Fixed: Playlist - search string disappears after rotating the screen

Fixed: Playlist - sorting is case sensitive

Fixed: Playlist - the "sort by folder" works incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Themes - small issues in skin engine were fixed

Fixed: Themes - the number picker dialog is not fully skinned

Fixed: file manager - an error occurs during jumping to up level via gestures

Fixed: general - an error occured during application restoring if Settings Dialog was displayed before suspending

Fixed: general - an java.lang.ClassCastException in the SettingsActivity

Fixed: general - an java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in the SkinnedPlaylistItem

Fixed: general - settings dialog does not work when running under Android 4.1

Fixed: general - skin engine - cannot be applied to context menu and alert dialogs

Fixed: general - the "Comparison method violates its general contract!" exception that appears during files sorting in playlist or file manager

Fixed: headset - player does not react on double / triple clicks

Fixed: player - the next / previous buttons of some headsets were not recognized by player

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