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Common change log

File manager: windows shared - domain names resolve has been improved

File manager: windows shared - libsmb2 has been updated

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: context search algorithm has been improved

General: performance has been improved

Music Library: an ability to disable music library on initial app setup

Music library: smart collapse for roots in the Folders view

Player: support for chapters (it displays in context menu of seeking bar)

Player: playback counter now resets on switching tracks on radio station

Playlist: An ability to reverse order of the items without re-sorting the list

Fixed: file manager - cache of real file names has not been updated on device list change (regression 4.0)

Fixed: general - settings dialog does not work when running under Android 6.0

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: player - filename is displayed instead of custom meta from playlist when playing URL without meta (regression 4.0)

Fixed: widgets - does not show in notification area on Honor 70

Fixed: widgets - information in the notification area does not updated if OS is too busy

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