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YouTube plugin v1.8

AdrianEddy | 2024-05-07 | 25.7 MB | Downloads: 375723

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v3.60 or newer
Type: Extensions
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

+ User videos and playlists (including private)
+ Can load YouTube URLs (videos, channels, playlists)
+ Can manage your YouTube playlists (add or remove videos)
+ Multi-language support
+ Exclusions
+ Automatically loads new items (playlists, users, all custom urls)
+ Local and global shortcuts
+ Delete current song from disk = Add to exclusions
+ Add to bookmarks = Add to youtube favorites
+ Can load multiple YouTube playlists to one AIMP playlist (with grouping enabled in AIMP)
+ Open source

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Current Track Info to Any v1.2.1

Korney San | 2023-04-26 | 3 MB | Downloads: 484887

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v5.00 or newer
Type: Others
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

Puts current track info to text file or COM port

AIMP YouTube-DL v2.0.4

cubis12321 | 2024-01-05 | 7.1 MB | Downloads: 212861

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v4.50 or newer
Type: Extensions
Target: 32-bit

+ Adding and playing audio from Youtube, Soundcloud, MixCloud, Yandex.Music and probably other sites listed here
+ Adding whole playlists
+ Auto-updating
+ Open source

.NET Framework 4.7.2

DTS Decoder Plugin v1.26

Artem Izmaylov | 2022-04-02 | 595.6 KB | Downloads: 401474

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v5.00 or newer
Type: Decoders
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

Free DTS Decoder Plugin for AIMP v5.00, written on Delphi 11.1 and released under GNU GPL terms.

Source code of the plugin you can find here.

Based on libdca. Refer to for more information and updates.


DesweR | 2012-04-18 | 2.3 MB | Downloads: 348720

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v2.60 or newer
Type: Visualizations
Target: 32-bit

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