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Red House

NoHealer | 2016-03-15 | 439.1 KB | Downloads: 28924

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v3.55 or newer

Form: Horizontal
Tone: Light
Surface: Mat

- a right click at Open folder button shows an Open variants menu
- a right click at Equalizer state button opens equalizer option
- a right click at Playlist list button opens an adition playlist scroll bar
- a right click at Cover exchanges it for Visualisation (a left click to recover)
- a right click at Wave form display opens a tag edditor
- a push and hold click on Play button plays a track focused in playlist

Cloudy Dreams v1.1

NoHealer | 2016-03-04 | 1145.6 KB | Downloads: 45337

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v3.60 or newer

Form: Horizontal
Tone: Dark
Surface: Glossy

Golden Lady

NoHealer | 2016-03-04 | 1621.1 KB | Downloads: 27726

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v4.00 or newer

Form: Horizontal
Tone: Middle
Surface: Mat

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