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Change Log - AIMP v3.2x

AIMP v3.20 Build 1165 (21.12.2012)

* Player: The Algorithm of catching CUE sheets for audio files with double extension has been improved
* Tag Editor: Cover art now stored to special section in FLAC format

- Fixed: Audio Converter - Error occurs when trying to remove virtual track from disk
- Fixed: Audio Converter - Sample format saves incorrectly for command line encoders
- Fixed: The content of playlist stops drawing in some cases
- Fixed: Radio Capture - Unable to choose command line encoder for capture
- Fixed: Player doesn't detect CD-drive at "A" letter
- Fixed: Player doesn't play sound, if initialization of DSP-plugin failed
- Fixed: The "Ctrl+Del" hot key is intercepted by playlist from secondary text input elements

AIMP v3.20 Build 1163 (28.11.2012)

* Audio Converter - Track Number column has been added
* Audio Converter - %IN macro is now supported
* Tag Editor - M4A Tag column has been added
* Audio Library - Added an ability to edit tags of playable file

- Fixed: Quick Tag Editor - Extended information about radio station does not display, if Editor has been called from "Quick File Info" dialog
- Fixed: Quick Tag Editor - Cover Art from folder does not display for virtual files
- Fixed: The Error Dialog cannot be closed via ESC key
- Fixed: Radio Capture - Doesn't transfer tags to the file when capturing stream in AAC format without transcoding
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects
- Fixed: Equalizer presets created incorrectly during install on Windows with non-russian locale
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Delayed update of visualization elements
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Fully transparent elements in old skins does not drawn correctly

AIMP v3.20 Build 1155 (16.11.2012)

* Playlist: Quick search can be finished now by pressing ESC key

- Fixed: Browse Folder Dialog - selected folder adding to the playlist independent from checkmark state
- Fixed: Sound Engine doesn't detects supported formats of audio device correctly
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects
- Fixed: Known memory leaks
- Fixed: Tag Editor - track number does not save to playing file
- Fixed: Tag Editor - Lyrics does not "break" by lines for M4A format
- Fixed: Audio Library hangs in some cases when "add files" or "rescan tags" operation is active
- Fixed: Audio Library - alphabetic index has inverted scrolling by mouse wheel

AIMP v3.20 Build 1148 RC 1 (19.10.2012)

* Browse Folder Dialog - Added ability to set path manually

- Fixed: Playlists tabs aren't repainted after scrolling, if scroll animation is disabled
- Fixed: Incorrect font rendering in Information Line under Windows 8
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects
- Fixed: Some elements of playlist does not support skin color scheme
- Fixed: Rounding errors while calculating duration of the track from CUE
- Fixed: Player cannot open CUE files, which contains "" symbols
- Fixed: Crash when capturing internet-radio

AIMP v3.20 Build 1139 Beta 2 (28.09.2012)

+ Common: The list of encodings for translating non-unicode text to UTF16 format has been supplemented
+ Playlist: The "%!" macro has been added for an ability to implement custom sorting in reverse order

* Sound Engine: Support of meta data of Internet radio stations in ASF format has been improved
* Skin Engine: Rendering speed has been increased

- Fixed: Audio Converter - few small bugs in "All files to one (+ CUE)" encoding mode
- Fixed: Audio Converter doesn't transfer tags when encoding to MusePack format
- Fixed: Sound Engine doesn't detects supported formats of audio device correctly
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects
- Fixed: Color Scheme settings does not applied to the tray icon and context menu glyphs
- Fixed: Player doesn't restore playback queue after restarting
- Fixed: Player can't open sub-tracks with relative filename from CUE Sheet

AIMP v3.20 Build 1125 Beta 1 (02.09.2012)

+ Audio Converter: Added an ability to shut down the computer after conversion operation
+ Audio Converter: Added an ability to use console encoders
+ Audio Converter: Added an ability to change format of input audio stream
+ Audio Converter: The "Encode All To One File" mode has been added (with / without CUE logging)
+ Audio Converter: Tags in the ID3v1 now are saved to the file when encoding to MP3 format
+ Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files to MusePack format

+ Radio Capture: The module uses the engine of Audio Converter now

+ Sound Engine: The algorithm of input file caching has been improved - now engine access to the disk less frequently
+ Sound Engine: Added WASAPI Exclusive supports
+ Sound Engine: The maximal size of cache for input file has been increased to 250 MB

+ Common: Hint for the "Part repeat A-B" button now contains information about bounds of repeating part
+ Common: Added an ability to view embedded Cover Art in original resolution
+ Common: Equalizer presets are now stored to the separate file on disk

+ Plugins: Decoder for OPUS format has been added
+ Plugins: Ogg Vorbis Encoder has been updated to v1.3.3

+ Scheduler: Added an ability to wake up the computer
+ Scheduler: Added an ability to switch the computer to sleep mode
+ Scheduler: Added an ability to suspend playback and / or close the player before computer shutdown
+ Scheduler: The Alert will be shown now before computer shutdown

+ Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to choose tag format for which the changes will be saved
+ Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to edit tags in M4A format

+ Audio Library: Incremental search has been added to the dropdown list of the filter of table column
+ Audio Library: Added an ability to flush search query easier
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