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Change Log - AIMP for Windows
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AIMP v4.13, build 1895 (07.05.2017)

Audio Converter: Encoder to MP3 format is now distributed with app

Fixed: Player - an issue with opening files from AIMP's context menu that integrated to Windows Explorer

Fixed: plugins - API - adding files to playlist with the AIMP_PLAYLIST_ADD_FLAGS_FILEINFO flag produces internal exception in some cases

Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.13, build 1893 (06.04.2017)

Fixed: plugins - API - the IAIMPPlaylistQueue2 interface has no implementation (regression)

Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.13, build 1891 (02.04.2017)

Common: localizations have been updated

Player: support for ID3v1 tag for remote files

Music Library: Performance of grouping tree has been improved

Fixed: Audio Converter - FLAC - an error occured during converting process on some PC

Fixed: Audio Converter - FLAC / OGG - encoders works incorrectly with multiple values from tags fields

Fixed: Sound Engine - UI hangs if decoder does not respond for a long time

Fixed: Music Library - the name of target playlist generates incorrectly for files dragged from grouping tree of music library

Fixed: Music Library - report generates incorrectly for fields with multiple values

Fixed: Plugins - Last.fm - plugin leads to hang up the application in some cases when display information about the song

AIMP v4.13, build 1889 (08.03.2017)

Music Library: Reports - limits of tables have been extended

Fixed: Internet radio - the station name instead of the track title is displayed in some cases

Fixed: Music Library - reports - tracks with same values of the title and artist field processes as single track

AIMP v4.13, build 1887 (19.02.2017)

Fixed: Player - an issue with opening multiple files from the Windows Explorer (you need to re-associate file types)

AIMP v4.13, build 1886 (14.02.2017)

Plugins: Information bar - an ability to show information bar via hotkey

Common: Localization were updated

Common: the FLAC codec has been updated to v1.3.2

Common: the WavPack codec has been updated to v5.1.0

Sound Engine: algorithm that calculates channels remapping matrix has been improved

Sound Engine: Compatibility with external sound cards has been improved when playing using exclusive device access mode

Music LIbrary: Grouping tree - search is now take into account only fully loaded node levels

Music Library: Reports - the Artist tag field is now used instead of the AlbumArtist field

Music Library: Table - memory consumption has been reduced for views with album arts

Fixed: Common - addons packages cannot be installed if one of files in the packages is not compressed

Fixed: Options Dialog - File Associations - first icon set are always selected in the dialog

Fixed: Options Dialog - Hotkeys - incorrect groups order in the table

Fixed: Options Dialog - Skins - installing update for the skin does not refresh information about the skin if options dialog is displaying

Fixed: Player - information about the playing track not updated on the screen, if internet radio station sends meta-data very often

Fixed: Player - app hangs in some cases during switching the tracks on radio, if internet radio capture is active

Fixed: Playlist - the file size field stores incorrectly to the AIMPPL4 file format, if the value is more than 2 GBytes

Fixed: Playlist - confirmation for the delete file physically action displays behind other windows if app is minimized to tray

Fixed: Audio Converter - command line switches processes incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Tag Editor - command line switches processes incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Tag Editor - the ANSI encoding is used instead of UTF8 for export the CUE / Lyrics fields to a file

Fixed: Tag Editor - cache not updated after calculating the BPM

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