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AIMP v3.10.1074 (24.08.2012)

Fixed: the audio converter removes dots from file name

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: the autoname for playlist calculates incorrectly, if name of the folder contains dot symbol

AIMP v3.10.1072 (07.08.2012)

Sound engine: the algorithm of advanced channels processing has been improved

Plugins: compatibility with client v2 has been improved

Plugins: rendering speed of visualizations has been increased

Skin engine: compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved

Fixed: %IN macro is expanded incorrectly when sending files from playlist to external directory

Fixed: the audio converter raises an exception, if "move output to..." options is active and target path is empty

Fixed: the audio converter ignores command line switches

Fixed: the audio converter increases tempo of composition twice when encoding to MP3 mono format

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: incremental search does not work in the tag editor's genre selector menu

Fixed: player resumes playback on startup incorrectly, if previously playing file has been removed from the playlist

Fixed: player resumes playback queue incorrectly, if two or more playlists has same name

Fixed: the music library does not suggest to create a new group in some cases when navigating by fields values

Fixed: player used to jump over one track after deleting file from the playlist in some cases

AIMP v3.10.1065 (04.07.2012)

Fixed: incremental search does not work in the bookmarks popup window

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: incompatibility with synaptics TouchPad

Fixed: the exception "cannot open the file" occurs on multithreading encoding from a file in the WavPack format (+ CUE)

Fixed: file is moved from the source folder to another one instead of copied when dragging the file from the playlist

Fixed: AIMP rewrites information about the integration to windows registry on applying settings

Fixed: player used to jump over one track after deleting file from the playlist

Fixed: memory leak occurs when working with the MP3 encoder

Fixed: music library ignores the number of playbacks for each file when it generates report about the favourite audio files

AIMP v3.10.1061 (29.06.2012)

Audio converter: displaying the progress of conversion operation in window caption has been added

Player: the following equalizer presets has been added: headphones / reggae / ska / techno

Fixed: audio converter incorrectly calculates target sample rate in some cases

Fixed: playback cursor does not resets after playlist clearing

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: bugs with displaying the equalizer window when using old skin

Fixed: track removes from playing queue twice at the start of playback

AIMP v3.10.1051 RC 2 (01.06.2012)

Bookmarks: an ability to sort items in bookmarks manager

Plugins: support of the input plugins from winamp has been improved

Skin engine: text rendering speed is increased twice

Fixed: skip mode does not work in the "send to" dialog

Fixed: the cover arts is read incorrectly from ID3v2.4 in some cases

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: player cuts the value of a track number field, if it is greater than 255

Fixed: skin engine - wrong scrolling step at the ScrollBar element with non-resizeable thumb

Fixed: skin engine - controls does not receive focus in some cases

AIMP v3.10.1045 RC 1 (21.05.2012)

Tags: size of padding between tag and audio data is now limited to 100 KBytes

Tags: the algorithm of calculating duration of audio files in MP3 VBR format has been improved

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: incorrect text is displayed for the error, which occurs while output device is initializing

Fixed: the equalizer window does not take animation settings into account in some cases

Fixed: bugs with behaviour and displaying of old skins

Fixed: player doesn't read audio tag correctly if it size is more than 1 MByte

Fixed: playlist hangs on attempt to delete file from the disk in some cases

Fixed: small scratches can be heard while playing track with sample rate greater than sample rate of output device

Fixed: the "disable transparency if window is mouse focused" function does not work correctly in some cases

AIMP v3.10.1040 Beta 3 (08.05.2012)

Decoders: the BASS has been updated to v2.4.9

Sound engine: performance has been increased

Audio converter: the encoders has been moved from "AIMP3\plugins" to "AIMP3\modules" folder

Audio converter: the blade-interface of the lame_enc.dll library now supports

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: size of the window does not save, if it in the "desktop tool bar" mode

Fixed: the "select language" dialog - drop-down list is displayed behind the window

Fixed: bugs with displaying of old skins

Fixed: the playlist does not accept files from another application via drag-n-drop

Fixed: the tag editor does not save cover art to the file, if file does not contain tags before operation

Fixed: a memory leaks in the music library

AIMP v3.10.1034 Beta 2 (27.04.2012)

Music library: added an ability to quickly navigate through field value with ALT key pressed

Sound engine: algorithm of the resampler has been improved

General: design of hint for editing template has been changed

Playlist: usability of multiple files selection using mouse has been improved

Music library: speed of adding files into the database has been increased

Fixed: playback of selected track cannot be started from QuickSearch field via enter key

Fixed: internet radio capture does not work

Fixed: macros cannot be expanded in some cases

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: localization does not apply at the first start of the program

Fixed: player incorrectly calculates duration for some files in WavPack format

Fixed: option "add pause between track" does not work correctly

Fixed: exception is raised when trying to change color scheme for the skin

Fixed: bugs with displaying of old skins

Fixed: player hangs after clicking on the "start playback" button if the playlist doesn't have tracks which are switched on

Fixed: the CPU becomes overloaded during the playing silence if the equalizer is switched on

Fixed: focus leaves from playlist after deleting last file from the playlist

AIMP v3.10.1027 Beta 1 (16.04.2012)

Audio converter: added an ability to encode files using few threads

Audio converter: new design

Audio converter: added an ability to encode files to APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WV, WMA and MP3 formats (lame encoder should be installed)

Audio converter: the "audio converter" utility is distributed with the player again

General: added an ability to set template for running line for internet radio playback

General: design of error dialog has been updated

General: design of default skin has been updated

General: option "fade in volume at the beginning of track" has been moved to the quick options menu

General: skins are now stored in the profile folder of the program

Plugins: update checker - added an ability to download and install an update in semiautomatically mode

Playlist: "mark" menu item has been added to the context menu of playlist

Playlist: playlists manager dialog has been added

Playlist: added an ability to load few playlists to separate tabs via drag-n-drop

Playlist: added an ability of semiautomatic synchronization of the playlist with the specified folder or playlist

Playlist: added an ability to work with groups via keyboard

Playlist: all playlists are stored now in profile folder of the program

Playlist: playlists are not deleted now from the disk when you close playlist tab (optional)

Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended

Music library: an ability to choose default player - AIMP or build-in player of music library

Music library: an ability of access to the catalog of internet radio stations has been removed

Music library: an ability of access to the content of flash-drives from music library has been removed

Music library: the storage of playlists has been moved to the playlists manager of the player

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