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AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta 4, build 934 (18.11.2019)

Sound engine: cross-mixing feature now take tracks duration into account and automatically reduces mixing time if necessary

Fixed: general - language that does not supported by OS cannot be selected in app

Fixed: general - app cannot be started as response on headset action (regression)

Fixed: sound engine - the "preload tracks" option does not work (regression)

Fixed: playlist - playlist files with relative paths imports incorrectly (regression)

AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta 3, build 930 (07.11.2019)

General: built-in textures that used in secondary screens and widgets has been updated

General: pre-caching is now used for files playing over the network

Sleep timer: shake device before the action now restarts the timer instead of cancel the action.

Fixed: player - commands related to playing file are accessible even if nothing is playing.

Fixed: player - volume sliding gesture in album art area conflicts with the "double tap on volume buttons switches the tracks" option

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta 2, build 927 (21.10.2019)

General: localizations has been updated

General: performance has been improved

General: now app automatically deletes old files from cache

Playlist: the swipe-to-refresh gesture now works only if you drag the list at top edge

Fixed: general - the http-based connections are blocked when running on Android 9 / 10

Fixed: general - an issues with take write access permissions to sd-card

Fixed: general - files that contains special characters in their name cannot be added to playlist (regression)

Fixed: Player - no sound after jump to next track when listening tracks from CUE sheet

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta 2, build 924 (18.09.2019)

General: localizations has been updated

CarPC: auto-pause on screen off

UI: app icon is now adaptive (actual for Android 8 or newer)

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta, build 921 (31.08.2019)

General: Android v4.4 is now minimal supported operation system version

General: supports of custom CarPC based on Android OS

General: supports of the smb:// protocol - support of shared Windows folders

General: native supports of x86-64

General: import / export of user's data and settings

General: an ability to control playback via gestures in area of album art

UI: new app design

UI: welcome screen has been added

UI: an ability to hide status bar

UI: an ability to switch manually between tablet and phone layouts

UI: an ability to customize accent intensity

UI: waveform-navigator support (skin must support this feature too)

UI: support of non-square album arts

UI: support of night mode

UI: style of settings dialog is now depended from used skin

File Adding Dialog: supports of the swipe-to-refresh gesture

File Adding Dialog: a "home screen" has been added that contains a list of all available volumes and sd-cards

File Adding Dialog: an ability to sort content by name / last modified

File Adding Dialog: an ability to pin folders at home screen

Equalizer Presets Chooser: an ability to delete few presets at one time

Playlist: sorting and grouping templates a completely redesigned

Sleep timer: the "at end of queue" event has been added

Themes: the resource library has been added

Themes: an ability to create buttons for the "next / previous" "playlist / group" commands

Themes: support of mask-layer for album art image

Themes: an ability to specify background image for window with parallax effect.

Themes: an ability to customize font style

Themes: the SkinnedPaginatedContainer element has been introduced

Themes: support of album art changing animation

Themes: support of element state changing animation

Themes: new Running Line element

Themes: support of non-square album arts

Themes: textures - an ability to customize texture opacity on element's level

Themes: textures - an ability to override the tint of texture on element's level