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Change Log - AIMP for Android
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AIMP for Android v2.70 Beta, build 507 (28.01.2018)

Playlist: an ability to group playlist items by year tag field

Sound Engine: Replay Gain - now you can defined separate preamp for the values from tags and on-the-fly analysis

Fixed: Sound Engine - app hangs sometimes while switching to next track

Fixed: Sound Engine - Replay Gain - beginning of track is too quiet if the "on-the-fly analysis" option is switched on

Fixed: playlist - visual bugs that appears during sorting playlist tabs

Fixed: playlist - an empty lines are displayed in playlist while player loads tags in background thread

Fixed: Tags - track number and genre tag fields reads incorrectly in some cases from file tags in the MP4 / M4A file format

AIMP for Android v2.70 Beta, build 505 (13.01.2018)

Common: support for Android Auto

Common: support for Android Shortcuts

Sound Engine: volume normalization via replay gain has been added

Sound Engine: cross-fade feature has been added

Sound Engine: equalizer has been extended to 29 bands (skin should support this feature)

Playlist: an ability to sort playlist tabs manually

Playlist: an ability to customize formatting lines for playlist entries

Playlist: an ability to sort playlist by year tag field

Themes: an ability to change theme hue

Random addon