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A4 v2.5

ELECTRON!CK | 2024-07-13 | 1.9 MB | Downloads: 485396

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v5.00 or newer
Form: Horizontal, Transformer
Tone: Dark, Light, Middle
Surface: Mat
Interface: 4K

1. The cover settings menu is called by the button with the "brush" logo (next to the AIMP logo).
2. Many buttons have PCM functions (right mouse button), so we focus on the tooltips.
3. Background effect in the form of a cover / spectrum / visualization load the processor and cause brakes.
4. For the "heart" to work properly, you need to disable " settings/ music library / rating/ show rating instead of rating if the rating is not set.
5. Currently, the cover supports DPI 96, 120, 144, 192.
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